Paris Pâtisseries: A Guide to Paris Pastries

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

During July we’re turning our attention to the wealth of new inspiration that travel brings us. When we travel we invariably bring new ideas back to the home kitchen. And even when we can’t travel physically, we can visit new places through the words and photographs of others. That is certainly the case with one of our favorite Paris blogs: Paris Pâtisseries. If you can’t visit the pastry shops of Paris, Adam will bring them to you.

This glorious little website has just one purpose: To visit, photograph, and catalog the best of the best Paris pastry shops. There’s a world-class pâtisserie on nearly every corner in Paris, so as you might imagine, this is a task that will take quite some time. But Adam, the site’s owner and writer, is up to the job.

He has scores of posts chronicling the delights of tarts, gâteaux, macarons, chocolates, and other Paris delicacies. He takes lovely macro photos of the treats he eats and reviews, as well as of the shops and streets themselves.

If you love Paris sweets, then Paris Pâtisseries is certainly worth a visit. It will leave you craving something sweet, that’s for sure. Double reasons to visit, if you are planning a trip to Paris. He has an excellent list with his choices for the 12 Best Pastry Shops in Paris, for instance.

Visit the site: Paris Pâtisseries

(Images: Adam of Paris Pâtisseries)