Parents’ Weekend Post-Mortem: Success!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

As a follow-up to last Friday’s Open Thread, we thought we’d let you know how cooking for the parents went:


I had MGR and dad on the grill with a couple of organic Obe rib-eyes, slathered in a dried wild mushroom and garlic spice-rub, while I was in the kitchen assembling goat-cheese and herb ravioli (made the fresh pasta earlier in the day), and a salad with shaved fennel, red oak leaf lettuce, pears, and spicy sweet pecans. MGR and I did the babycakes together and they were pretty unreal. I had to go lay down because they gave me heart palpitations. I’m not kidding.

Don’t be mad: we forgot our camera, so there are no photos. Do not follow my lead. Keep the photos of your meals coming!

[Disclaimer: the above photo of Nigella’s Babycakes, via, bares little resemblance to our version – unfortunately this fellow does not show the featured molten center.]