TikTok Just Taught Me a Better Way to Line My Loaf Pan

published Oct 30, 2022
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It would be difficult to find someone who doesn’t love a loaf of freshly made banana bread — or any other quick bread, for that matter. All you need is a nice loaf pan and some patience while it bakes away in the oven. What’s not so nice is when your banana bread or loaf cake sticks to the pan.

Cooking sprays or a good slathering of “cake goop” can do the trick, but one of the most reliable ways to ensure that your loaf comes out of the pan easily is to line the pan with parchment, which you can grasp and use to pull the loaf out of the pan.

When it comes time to line your pan, instead of just jamming a piece of parchment into the pan, try this trick from Rose of numbersixtysix on TikTok and use the outside of the pan to create nice neat edges in the parchment paper before transferring it to the inside of the pan.

Start by cutting a rectangle of parchment that’s large enough to fully line your pan. Turn the pan upside down and place the sheet of parchment over it. With one hand holding the paper on the pan, use the other hand to fold in the ends of the parchment over the sides, creating triangular shapes. This is similar to folding wrapping paper on a gift box. Flip the pan right-side up and then place the folded sheet of paper inside the loaf pan.

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Credit: Photo: Cory Fernandez

I tried this trick and found it easier than simply smushing the paper into the pan. It also takes a bit less time than cutting two strips that are the perfect size for the pan (my usual go-to). If you try the trick, I recommend also spraying the pan with cooking spray to help the paper adhere.

Have you tried this trick? How did it work for you?