The Clever Parchment Paper Hack That Keeps Leftover Cake from Drying Out

published Jul 15, 2022
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One of life’s greatest simple pleasures truly has to be cake. Of all the classic desserts out there, it’s arguably the most celebratory, and there are so many variations that there’s a cake for everyone. If there’s one thing that isn’t a pleasure, though, it’s eating a dried-out slice of cake. (Well, that and a cake that sticks to the pan — here’s how to prepare a stick-free cake.)

Enter this super-simple-yet-smart hack from Daniela aka austrianwithwuff on TikTok. If you happen to have a good amount of leftover layer cake and need to save it in your fridge, don’t leave that large wedge of open cake to dry out overnight. As Daniela demonstrates in the video, take a small rectangular sheet of parchment paper and place it into the wedge of the sliced cake, covering the exposed layers.

The parchment paper acts as a seal to lock in moisture and prevent the layers of fluffy cake from turning into a dry crumbly mess. Whether you choose to buy your cake from your local grocery store bakery or make one at home, you can make sure that leftover cake looks and taste as good as new.