This Home Is Found in America’s Priciest Trailer Park — And It’s on Sale for More Than $5 Million 

published Apr 26, 2023
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Modern mobile home modular construction in a trailer park Florida USA
Credit: Felix Mizioznikov/Shutterstock

Located in what is widely considered to be the most expensive trailer park in the country, the property at 247 Paradise Cove Road recently hit the market at a whopping $5.85 million — and you’d be right to think that is a bit outlandish. The 3-bedroom trailer home is described as an “open-concept home offering stunning ocean views and ultra close proximity to direct beach access,” as per its Zillow listing. And while that all sounds great, could you see yourself shelling out close to $6 million for a glorified trailer with a view? 

The home at 247 Paradise Cove Road is just one of several multi-million dollar mobile homes that have been listed or sold in Malibu’s Paradise Cove Mobile Home Park during the last few years. While another property was just listed for $3.9 million, it draws the question of how did this neighborhood become so expensive?  

Back in the 1950’s, the neighborhood started out as a small residential area for fishermen and blue-collar workers. According to The Wall Street Journal, the draw of serene privacy, beautiful ocean views, and a popular local surf break were all too strong to ignore, and many of the country’s most well-off individuals began flocking to the mobile paradise. It was only a matter of time before celebrities such as Matthew McConaughey, Stevie Nicks, and Minnie Driver all saw the appeal and moved in over the years, adding to the growing prestige of the neighborhood. 

Some longtime residents blame real estate brokers for using those selling points to drive up the cost of the area artificially, which ultimately led to the influx of wealth, and tainted the neighborhood’s original appeal forever. While the economic makeup of the area may have changed, the land itself is still privately owned by a local family, the Kissels, who have owned the park since the 1960’s. And although the homes may be out of control in price, the land is still rent-controlled, and each lot will run you anywhere between $1500 and $4000 per month. 

So, outside of the aforementioned, is there anything that would make this mobile home worth its steep price tag? Well, if you’re hoping that it would be the kitchen, you may be a bit disappointed. 

While there is plenty of natural lighting coming in from all angles, a large five to six seater island, and stainless steel appliances, the cozy-like space may not be any different than those you’re used to seeing within lower price ranges. With the views that you’ll be getting though, something tells us that whoever snatches this up may be willing to overlook that.

Take a look at the Ren Smith of Coldwell Banker Realty-held property below.

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