This Controversial Paper Towel Dispenser Is Blowing Up on Reddit

updated Aug 1, 2019
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Credit: Courtesy of Rishortish

Is a drawer made for dispensing paper towels — complete with storage for extra rolls and a slit that you pull the current roll out of — a genius kitchen hack or a recipe for disaster? That’s the current debate happening on Reddit, where a post by user Rishortish has drawn more than a thousand comments regarding the photo of their paper towel drawer. Actually, it’s not even a debate, but a pile-on: almost none of them like the idea.

The drawer matches the rest of the cabinetry, save for a small slit under the handle where the current paper towel sticks out. The drawer, shown open, hides the roll inside, along with two extra rolls. But commenters don’t seem super keen on the idea. Chief among the problems brought up are those from anyone with a child for whom eye-level, infinite paper towels seem like an invitation for trouble (and, as someone else points out, “cats everywhere approve”). The idea of paper towels sticking out in the kitchen like they’re coming out of a tissue box also didn’t thrill people.

Others found issue with the logistics, mentioning it seems likely that the roll wouldn’t quite dispense properly and you’d have to open the drawer and fix it all the time anyway. Then there are all the people who didn’t understand how you might get the paper towel without dirtying the drawer. But the biggest question of all seemed to be the most basic: why would you do this?

“Rich people with a lot of space in their house need things like this to fill up empty space,” offers one person, as way of explanation. “This is basically the billiard room of kitchen cabinets, it’s not necessary but it’s an easy way to fill up space and you can show it off to your friends.”