This Shockingly Simple “Paper Plate” Trick Prevents Messy Hand Mixer Splatters

published Dec 12, 2023
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Overhead photo of someone mixing egg into batter with a hand mixer. Extra eggs in bowl in the background
Credit: Photo: Joe Lingeman; Food Styling: Jesse Szewczyk

Everything is better with homemade whipped cream — well, everything except the clean-up. I am not a patient mixer, I don’t own a KitchenAid Stand Mixer (just yet), and I’m often overzealous with the speed of my hand mixer and end up splattering the counters. It doesn’t help that, in an effort to leave space in my dishwasher, I usually pick a bowl that is just slightly too small for the task. Recently, however, I learned that I do not have to use a larger bowl or, even more difficult, become a more patient person to successfully complete this task without a mess. All I need to solve the splatter problem is a paper plate

How to Use the “Paper Plate” Trick on Your Hand Mixer

Credit: Meg Asby

I used to say I *never* use paper plates, but I had to remove my ban because of an ingenious trick I saw on TikTok. Lora McLaughlin Peterson of @LORAfied spears a paper plate with two beaters, and then attaches the beaters to her hand mixer. The plate shields the opening of the bowl like a lid while Peterson mixes her batter. “This’ll help keep splatters in the bowl, and not on you,” she says. Mind blown!

When I tried this myself, I worried that the plate would block the beaters from clicking into the hand mixer, but it didn’t. I also thought it would be difficult to place the beaters the correct distance from each other on the plate, but the process is very forgiving. I estimated the distance between the beater connection holes, using my finger to “measure.” Then, I eyeballed the placement of the beaters through the paper plate. (You definitely don’t need a ruler to make this happen, though you’re welcome to use one.) Once everything was set up, it worked like a charm to prevent any splatters, drips, and drops!

Credit: Meg Asby

During the holiday baking season especially, time is even more valuable than usual. In addition to all the regular tasks of daily living — work, meal prep, laundry, cleaning, self-care — there are also presents to buy, halls to deck, and, in some cases, relatives to tolerate. The last thing I need in December is another mess to clean. This hack lets me top my peppermint brownie with a decadent dollop of whipped cream without losing precious minutes to unnecessary clean-up. 

Credit: Meg Asby

And I know that if I weren’t using a paper plate, I’d be using water to wash the cleaning towel, but I still feel uneasy about using single-use anything. In an ideal world, I wouldn’t make a mess in the first place, but in the real world where I continue to use the too-small bowl and remain impatient as ever, the paper plate trick saves me precious time. My next plan is to drill a couple of holes in a reusable plastic plate to enjoy this genius hack without throwing anything away. 

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