4 Brilliant Pantry Solutions You Can Also Put to Good Use in the Laundry Room

updated Jun 23, 2021
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It’s easy to understand why there are so many gorgeous pantry before and afters. We use our pantries multiple times a day, and there are frequent opportunities for getting frustrated by a messy one or — conversely — enjoying a tidy, efficient one. But other spaces that struggle with organization deserve some love, even if they aren’t as prominent or frequently used as the pantry. The laundry room is one of these spaces.

Often, the laundry room becomes a catchall space for hard-to-organize items, like cleaning brushes, stain removers, and even rogue hangers. But applying the abundance of pantry organization tips and tricks to the laundry room is one resourceful way to whip this neglected area into shape quickly — without reinventing the wheel. Here’s how:

1. Attach hooks to cabinet doors

If you have cabinets in your laundry room, don’t forget to make use of the space on the backs of the doors. Try an over-the-door-hanger on lower cabinets to hold spray bottles of cleaning solutions. Or, attach adhesive hooks to the doors of lower or upper cabinets for hanging cleaning brushes or detergent scoopers. Either way, putting this underutilized space to good use frees up in-demand shelves and puts items within reach.

2. Use baskets to corral smaller items

In the pantry, many people use baskets to contain small items like sauce packets, partially used bags of rice, or bottles of vanilla extract. Containing these small items makes them easy to access, so you you can pull out the basket rather than digging through layers of other things.

The same technique can be applied in the laundry room, which likely houses many similarly disparate items that are too easily strewn about in disarray—think batteries, bandages, and extra hooks. Placing them in a labeled basket allows you to make a place for them, enabling you (and everyone else) to get them when you need them and, perhaps more importantly, put them back in the right spot.

3. Use a lazy Susan for easy access

In the pantry, turntables are ideal for bottles and jars. They allow you to see what you have and grab it quickly. The same is true in the laundry room. Turntables allow you to make use of the depth of a shelf or cabinet without having to take anything out. Turntables are especially useful for spray bottles, like upholstery cleaner and stain removers.

4. Decant powdered laundry products into uniform containers

Decanting hard-to-store containers — like bulky detergent boxes — into uniform vessels, like OXO pop-up containers, allows you to maximize space. They’re clear and easy to stash together, so you can access exactly what you need, use it, and put it back nicely. Just be sure to store them up and out of reach from pets and children.

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