Pantry Staples: Jars of Artichoke Hearts

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Jarred artichoke hearts are one of those pantry items that we keep around just for the times when we’re in a pinch and need something extra to put in our meal. All we have to do is open the jar, drain artichoke quarters, and throw them in the pan! Do you keep them in your pantry too?

Unlike mushy canned artichokes, we find that jarred artichokes stay fairly firm and meaty. We admit they’re not quite as fresh-tasting as frozen artichokes, but like we said, they’re great in a pinch when we need a quick weeknight meal.

These artichoke hearts can round out a frittata or top a quick pizza. We can toss them with pasta or throw them into a cold salad. Essentially, whenever we feel that our dish is one ingredient short, these artichokes step up to the plate.

Quick tip: we usually empty the jar into a strainer and rinse off the marinade before using them. Otherwise the vinegary marinade tends to overwhelm the clean flavor of the artichokes.

How do you use jarred artichoke hearts?