This Pretty, Pastel Kitchen Uses Wall Space Like We’ve Never Seen Before

updated Mar 11, 2021
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If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a thousand times here at Kitchn: Use your wall space. We’re big fans of adding hooks, shelves, spice racks, magnetic knife blocks, pot racks, and anything else that can help you take advantage of valuable wall space that would otherwise go to waste. As you can see, looking to the left of the window, the owners of this adorable Minneapolis home did just that.

If you’re looking at the two IKEA spice racks and wondering what’s so special about this kitchen, just wait for it. Ready?

First, there’s this little cubby over by the stove. Built into the wall, between the studs, it holds a salt and pepper grinder and little trinkets. And it does so without being in the way of the cabinets. Cute, right? But that’s not all we have to show you. Keep scrolling.

Look at that pantry! It was essentially created out of thin air! Although the kitchen is fairly large, there was no logical place to put a pantry. But there was a big wall with spaced-out studs. And now there’s a built-in pantry with space for dry goods, tea, and more. (Actually, it takes the words “built-in” to a whole new level.)

Granted, this is not something you can easily do, say, tonight. It’s not as simple as rearranging a cabinet to make room for pasta and baking supplies. However, if you happen to be planning any sort of renovation or drywall work, it’s an idea that’s definitely worth considering. You could use narrow shelves like this for a pantry, mugs, an herb garden, or even displaying plates. So smart, yet so simple!

How would you use little shelves like these?