The 5 Smartest Lessons We Learned from These Kid-Friendly Pantries

updated Aug 10, 2020
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Whether you’re pro-snacking or would rather avoid it, there are times when your child is hungry, you’re in the middle of something, and you want them to just help themselves … to something healthy and nutritious, of course! Strategic organizing can help lead them in the right direction to find something they like and that you approve of.

That’s where these smart tips come in. We found them all in some super-cute (and well-organized!) kid-friendly pantries online.

(Image credit: I Heart Organizing)

1. Prepackage the approved treats.

In this pantry featured on I Heart Organizing, clear bins help kids see what’s on offer — including the popcorn and Goldfish crackers, which have already been prepackaged into little zip-top baggies.

(Image credit: Hardest Job Ever)

2. Label everything.

Not only do labels make things look more organized, but they can also help kids find what they’re looking for. You can also use them to teach younger kiddos who are still learning to read. We love these chalkboard-like signs in this pantry from Hardest Job Ever.

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(Image credit: The Shirley Journey)

3. Consider a stand-alone unit.

To make the kid snack zone totally clear, The Shirley Journey turned a small bathroom cabinet into the kids’ pantry. It’s stocked with favorite snacks, plates, and cutlery, so kids will clearly know what’s meant for them.

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(Image credit: Neat Method)

4. Keep things at eye level.

Clear bins stock almonds and cereal, while decorative woven baskets hold packaged goods in this streamlined but still kid-friendly space from Neat Method. By keeping these things at eye level, kids will be able to spot the healthy snacks.

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(Image credit: How We Montessori)

5. Set up a low workstation.

If you want your child to be totally independent, steal this tip from How We Montessori and load a low shelf with all sorts of things like a cutting board, linens, and small glasses.

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What do you do to help kids help themselves to healthy snacks in the pantry?