Pantry Find: Do-Good Peas!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Black-eyed peas symbolize luck, and in the South it’s traditional to make them to celebrate the New Year and get it started on the right foot. But entrepreneur Christy Annis is giving us a reason to love peas all year long.

After losing her job as a lawyer in 2009, Christy Annis came around to starting her business, Peas for Prosperity, out of a strong desire to give back to her community and do something that filled her days with meaning. Today she sells sweet little burlap bags of black-eyed peas with $1 of the proceeds of each bag going directly to the Atlanta Community Food Bank. And now Christy’s begun Peas for Paychecks, a way for out-of-work folks to gain work experience and references by doing hourly pea packaging and production. We don’t know about you, but we can get behind that regardless of the time of year. So break out your beans and get soaking.

Get Some: Peas for Prosperity sells 1 pound bags of black-eyed peas for $7. Each comes in a reusable bag with a Southern recipe and the story of the Southern tradition enclosed.

(Image: Megan Gordon & Peas for Prosperity)