Pantry and Fridge Cleaning Resources

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This week, participants in our Spring Kitchen Cure and purging their pantries and refrigerators. Here are a few tips and helpful ideas from our archives on some of the issues that come up when delving into the depths of food storage.

All about the ingredients
How long can you keep opened condiments? – A rough guide to whether you should pitch the jars in the fridge or not.

What are processed foods? – Are you trying to judge whether you want to keep ultra-processed foods in your pantry or freezer? Here is an overview of some of the ways that food is processed, and the pros and cons of different sorts of processed food.

• Along similar lines, here are the basic arguments on why you should avoid corn syrup. This might be a good time to clear out ingredients like this.

The pantry
• Finding fruit flies? How to get rid of fruit flies, and repelling fruit flies with rue.

Fridge and freezer
• How to organize your fridge.

What is freezer burn, and how to prevent it.

What NOT to throw away
Use up brown bananas!

And when you’re all done…
Is Your Kitchen an A, B, or C? Take the Los Angeles County Health Grade Test (and Get a Grade Magnet) – And finally, when your pantry is all cleaned up, take this kitchen health quiz!

Share your own snapshots of your Kitchen Cure as it progresses at our Kitchen Cure Flickr Pool.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)