Panera’s New Limited-Edition Charged Up Cups Will Help Boost Your Energy and Your Phone’s Battery at the Same Time

published Jun 15, 2022
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Panera Charging Cup
Credit: Panera

Summer is a great time to slow down and enjoy life. School is out, the weather is beautiful, and many people are taking advantage of Summer Fridays at work. With the nice weather and so much fun to be had, it gets a little harder to be motivated to do the things we have to do, and sometimes that requires us to need a bit of a recharge.

Lucky for us, just as summer rolls in, Panera has something to help us out. Beginning June 21 — which is the official first day of summer — the brand known for fueling you through food and coffee is launching a new type of battery booster: the Charged Up Cups.

The cups, meant to be used for the chain’s new line of Charged Lemonades is unique in that they are not only a 17-ounce cup to house your sip, but they also double as a portable phone charger. Unique? I think so!

I mean, honestly, who hasn’t ducked into a restaurant seeking a power outlet when low on battery? I know I have, so this cup offers the best of both worlds in my opinion. With the ability to house a cold, refreshing drink, the Charged Up Cup also has a removable base that becomes a functional phone charger. 

A little behind and aren’t sure what the Charged Lemonades even are? They’re a recent release from Panera made with plant-based caffeine from guarana and green coffee extract. But no matter how much our bodies may need that burst of energy, chances are our phones do as well.

Unfortunately, these cups can’t be bought in stores, but you can visit beginning June 15 (that’s today!)  to enter for a chance to receive a limited-edition Charged Up Cup for free. While entries are welcome nationwide, those who win in New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, and St. Louis will get theirs personally delivered on June 21. 

If you don’t win, however, don’t fret. You’ll always have lemonade. And while that won’t help your phone, hopefully you’ll at least feel refreshed and a bit more energized.