Paletas! Stay Cool with These Mexican Ice Pops Saveur

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Mexican paleterías have taken the popsicle to truly entirely new heights. With flavors like chili-spiked mango, pineapple, and sour tamarind, these ice pops are intense, tasty, and absolutely refreshing. Saveur has a round-up of paletas to try at home, and so the real question becomes which one to make first?

Before reading this Saveur article, we didn’t realize what a relatively new phenomenon paletas are. They seem as central to Mexican culture and cuisine as tamales and arroz con pollo. But paletas only date back to 1941 when Agustían Andrade began offering them at his store in Tocumbo (and presumably, when the ability to easily freeze and refrigerate the treats became possible!). The idea obviously took hold quickly since there are now paleterías everywhere.

Paletas also don’t have to be made exclusively from fuits. Many paletas incorporate milk for a creamier pop or bring in ingredients like chocolate and caramel. There’s even an arroz con leche flavor made with chewy rice and sweetened condensed milk that we can’t wait to try.

Take a look at Saveur’s Gallery of Paletas: Mexican Ice Pops

What’s your favorite flavor of paleta?