Pairing Beer with Food & Cooking Without Onions This Time Last Year

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Looking for some mid-week dinner tips? From this time last year, we have a round-up of pantry staples for quick meals, a recipe for slow-cooked pork wraps, help for folks who are allergic to onions, and some advice for pairing that after-work beer with what’s on the table.

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Whether you’re allergic to onions and garlic or simply don’t like their taste, here are some cooking tips to help.

• Dinner parties can pose a dilemma for vegetarian guests.

Are thermapens worth it for speedy temperature readings or just a geeky kitchen tool?

• This kitchen is bright, white, and just begging for a colorful meal on the table.

Four of our favorite dinner party menus to match the seasons.

• Stay in! These restaurant dishes can be made at home.

Between the sweet malts, the fruity yeasts, and the bitter hops, finding a beer to go with dinner is a cinch.

• If you’re looking for a dinner that can be sandwiches tomorrow, try this Cuban-style roast pork.

These ten pantry staples are great to have around for quick meals.

• A few of those staples could definitely go into a quick dinner panade.

Who’s fried chicken is better: Thomas Keller’s or Pioneer Woman’s?

• If you’re feeling fancy, try making these seared scallops with celeriac puree for dinner tonight.

Or if you’re feeling lazy, here’s an easy recipe for making fried rice at home!

• Get ready for grilling season with some new gear from Sur la Table.

• Slow cookers are a boon for busy weeks. Here’s how to use one.

• These slow-cooked pork wraps are a perfect meal to make in the slow cooker.

These gorgeous open kitchens practically demand regular dinner parties.