3 Super-Smart Packing Tricks for Your Next Move

published May 17, 2018
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Moving is a pain in the butt. Whether you’re going full DIY (packing yourself up, renting the van, and loading and unloading yourself) or hiring people to do the (literal) heavy lifting, a ton of work goes into it. Especially when it comes to kitchenware: A lot of the stuff in there is bitty, spill-y, poke-y, oddly shaped, and generally tough to move. Plus, no one wants to spend a lot of money on packing materials that you just throw away (or pass along) at the end of your move. So annoying!

Here are three smart packing tips that’ll help make it all a little less annoying.

(Image credit: Ashley Poskin)

1. Put knives in oven mitts.

Knives can literally be dangerous to move. If they’re not wrapped up properly, they can slide around and cut you or whoever is moving your stuff. It’s just as dangerous on the unpacking end — the last thing you want to do is reach into a box of utensils and slice a finger open. A trip to the emergency room will definitely double your unpacking time! So tuck your knives into oven mitts before you throw them into a box (tie it off with twine or apron strings so they don’t slide out. That extra padding will keep everyone safe.

(Image credit: Ashley Poskin)

2. Seal off your lids.

Salt and pepper shakers are made purposefully with holes in them. That’s great for sprinkling seasoning onto food, but less great when moving (unless you want a box full of salt). What to do: Remove the lid, cover the opening with a bit of plastic wrap, and screw the lid back on. This will seal it closed. Beyond salt and pepper, you can use this trick for all sorts of opened pantry goods — like honey, olive oil, or baking powder — as an extra layer of protection against spills.

(Image credit: Ashley Poskin)

3. Wrap up your drawers.

If you keep your kitchenware in stand-alone units like a rolling cart, buffet, or sideboard, you likely have nicely organized drawers that would be a pain to unpack and repack on either end. So save yourself the trouble: Pull out the drawer, wrap it in plastic wrap, and move it still filled. Depending on how heavy the furniture is, you probably would have wanted to take the drawers out to move it anyway, so this can save you hours of packing and unpacking.

What clever tricks have you used to pack up your kitchen?