Pack Your Lunch! Our 10 Best Recipes

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I’ll admit it: I don’t bring my lunch to work every day; and some days, I just skip lunch altogether. But I do know that when I pack a lunch, I instantly feel like I got ten points, like I’m a slightly better person, as if the world were just a little brighter that day. Bonus? I always eat better.

Moral of the story: brown bag it; it feels so good.

This week we’ve been covering all things lunch on There are lots of roundups, from this collection of nine DIY deli meat recipes to this beautiful post about lunches under 400 calories (light never looked so luxurious!).

To get us all in the brown-bagging mood, I decided to do my own roundup of recipes from our site that work well in the lunchbox, including several light and vegetarian options.

Did you pack your lunch today? Tell us about it!

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