The Ingenious Way to Transport Your Knives

published Nov 2, 2022
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Credit: Joe Lingeman/The Kitchn

I consider myself to be an efficient packer — just the right combo of space-saving and fast, a skill that came in quite handy when I recently put my entire house in boxes to move across town. I breezed through the majority of my kitchen (which was a whole lot easier, by the way, because I try to declutter on the regular). But when I came to my knives, I’ll admit I was a bit stumped. 

Rather than keeping them in the block, I wanted to tuck the cutlery away somewhere safe, where they wouldn’t cut into something else or, worse, hurt someone carrying or unpacking a box. My last-minute call to put them in a sturdy makeup bag labeled KNIVES on both sides probably wasn’t the best solution, but luckily we made it to the new kitchen without any injury.

Of course, a week after we’d already settled into the new house, I stumbled across a way more effective method. And while I’m not planning on moving again anytime soon, I thought I’d share to make things easier for someone else. Ready? 

Pack Your Knives in an Oven Mitt

In a viral TikTok, professional organizer Cindyology suggests sliding your knives blade-first into an oven mitt! Oven mitts tend to be thick and sturdy, so they’re an almost-safe place to keep and transport knives. 

I have one important tweak to this packing strategy, though: Wrap each knife individually, and tightly, in newspaper or a kitchen towel, first. Otherwise, your knives will scrape against each other in the mitt. This could dull and even bend carefully honed and sharpened blades.

Take extra care to ensure the tips are well covered, as they can pierce a fabric oven mitt.

And if you want to be extra safe, I’d recommend securing the mitt with packing tape and labeling it clearly so whoever unpacks it doesn’t get hurt.

If you have more knives than will fit in a single oven mitt? Hopefully you have another mitt — but if not, try putting the biggest knives inside of one, and then you can wrap the smaller knives individually in newspaper or towels and then wrap all of them together in packing tape. 

Either way: Happy (and safe!) packing!