I’ve Been Deep-Frying Turkey Since 2006 — This One Safety Tool Is a Must

published Nov 3, 2022
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Credit: Meghan Splawn

There’s no way around it: Deep-frying turkey requires quite a few pieces of speciality equipment to make the whole ordeal safe, easy, and enjoyable. There are the must-have frying tools like an outdoor burner, a big pot, and a turkey-lifting rig — and then there are the nice-to-haves, like a comfy camping chair for lounging while you monitor the turkey during frying.

Throughout the many years I’ve been deep-frying birds (I fried my first turkey in 2006), I’ve come to find that there’s one particular must-have item that can also be a nice-to-have because it makes turkey frying more comfortable while much safer: OZERO Heat Resistant Welding Gloves.

Why You Need Heat-Resistant Gloves for Deep-Frying Turkey

There are many styles of heat-resistant gloves on the market. Silicone is a popular choice, or you can find Kevlar gloves with silicone grips, or neoprene-coated gloves that are beloved by BBQ pit masters and enthusiasts alike. But in my experience, you can’t beat the comfort, protection, and price of leather welding gloves

Rated for up to 950°F, these OZERO heat-resistant gloves are a dream for frying Thanksgiving turkeys and beyond. I use them when tending fires in our indoor fireplace and outdoor fire pit, handling hot grill or smoker tools, and just generally protecting my hands from fire and hot charcoal. Most welding gloves are made from leather, and are also heat-insulated and lined for comfort. 

When you’re carefully lowering a raw turkey into hot oil, you want to have a super-sturdy grip on your poultry lifter — and these leather gloves provide just that. They come in 14-inch or 16-inch lengths so they keep your forearms protected from the steam that rises up during entry. If you get some oil on your welding gloves while temperature checking, the leather gloves can be washed and air-dried without damage. 

These gloves are incredibly comfortable, and unlike silicone gloves, they don’t make my hands sweaty. With time and wear, the leather welding gloves have softened to the shape of my hands. They also haven’t cracked or torn like silicone and neoprene gloves — especially if I leave them out in the elements. To make shopping even easier, you can find leather welding gloves in lots of styles, sizes, and lengths. 

If you’re planning on deep-frying turkey this year, you’ll definitely want a pair of these OZERO gloves. And once the holidays are over, keep them around for the upcoming BBQ season, too.

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