OXO On’s New Coffee Maker Is a Two-for-One Deal

updated May 1, 2019
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Kitchen tool giant OXO just released a new line of small electrics called OXO On, and it’s hitting stores right now. First thing to catch my eye? This drip coffee pot. Why? Well, it really wants to do it all.

No, it won’t make your bacon or toast your bread, but it does offer an integrated hot water kettle that can heat water for the coffee maker yet be used independently to boil water. In fact, it has adjustable temperature settings so it can heat water for the most delicate green teas up to robust herbal teas.

A good adjustable water kettle is a must in my kitchen; it’s the only small electric I use multiple times a day. I don’t use a drip coffee maker so regularly (although I have one I pull out for guests and big parties), but the combination of these two things in one sleek appliance is a very attractive proposition.

This coffee maker offers a few other intriguing features, like a thermal carafe (instead of a hot plate that slowly cooks your coffee into acrid jelly); a 24-hour start time; and a descale warning to let you know when it’s time to clean the coffee maker.

I haven’t tried this out yet — have you?