The Double-Duty OXO Tool That’ll Guarantee Perfect Baked Goods Every Time

published Nov 13, 2023
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PIle of s'mores cookies on waxpaper.
Credit: Kayla Hoang

Baking can provoke a rollercoaster of emotions. After all, creating a delicious pastry from scratch isn’t all rainbows and sprinkles. The truth is that baking is all about precise measurements. If you’ve ever found yourself elbow-deep in your kitchen drawers or flipping through flour-dusted books to decode unit conversions and ingredient swaps, you know what I’m talking about — real kitchen drama. But there’s a solution to this culinary stress that will make a big difference: a food-safe mat that’s essentially a baking cheat code. No more hunting for measurements! The OXO Silicone Pastry Mat has unit conversions, helpful ingredient swap tips, and a built-in ruler border. Imagine baking sweet treats while being able to embrace the simplicity of the process? This mat will make baking your new favorite hobby (if not already). A piece of cake, if you will.

What Is the OXO Silicone Pastry Mat?

This silicone pastry mat protects countertops from spills and provides key information for baking. The non-slip, food-safe silicone stays in place and is nonstick, so food slides right off it. From diameter outlines to unit conversions, and even helpful tips for ingredient substitutes and a border that acts as a ruler, there’s no need to get any screens or books dirty looking up the information you need while baking. The mat even has guidelines to help you roll dough to the perfect size for pies and personal pizzas. It’s a must-have buddy for baking — and the best part is you can throw it in the dishwasher for easy cleanup.

Credit: OXO

What OXO Reviewers Are Saying

“Just what I’d been looking for! Stays put, perfect nonstick surface, perfect size, and having the measurements right here in front of me is an absolute plus. Would definitely recommend.” — Christine S

“I used to lay down flour before working my dough. But more was needed to allow easy kneading. I moved on to using parchment paper, but that always lifted or stuck to the dough. My husband suggested I try a silicone mat. And that did the trick. We will get more products like this as they are a blessing.” — Linda D

“The perfect size! I love all the information on the sheet as well.” — Jay A

Priced at $24.99, the OXO Silicone Pastry Baking Mat is a dual-purpose kitchen essential that protects countertops and serves as a convenient baking cheat sheet! It’s made from non-slip, food-safe silicone that releases food smoothly thanks to its nonstick surface. With helpful features like dough diameter outlines and unit conversions, this mat simplifies baking at an affordable price.