Get Your Pantry Organized Once and for All with OXO’s Huge POP Container Sale

published Jan 3, 2022
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Looking for a way to keep things fresh in the kitchen in 2022 — literally? When it comes to storage solutions that successfully keep your snacks, ingredients, dry goods, and more airtight, we at Kitchn are huge fans of OXO. The suite of POP canisters, in particular, are some of our absolute favorite finds, and right now, the entire POP line of products is on sale for 20 percent off. Score!

What makes OXO’s POP containers so fantastic? To start, they are made from BPA-free plastic, so you know that your food won’t be exposed to harmful chemicals. They’re also stackable, space efficient, and totally dishwasher safe. Perhaps best of all, a push-button closure lets you know that everything is airtight. These genius containers are also available in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and sets, making them extremely versatile. Take a look at our ten favorite pieces from the line below, and shop the entire sale here.

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was $17.99

At first glance, 2.8 quarts doesn’t seem huge, but believe it or not, it’s enough to hold a full five pounds of rice. It’s also an easy solution for making cookies and crackers last way longer than they would in their original packaging.

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was $22.99

With a 6-quart capacity, these stackable storage containers are perfect for chips, pretzels, cereal, flour, and other items you want to keep fresh. The curved corners make it easy to pour contents into a serving bowl, mixing bowl, cereal bowl, and the like.

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was $20.99

Modern storage containers often lack the artistry of the jars of the past. That’s why we love this beauty. The shape is reminiscent of the glass jars you’d see in old-fashioned candy shops, but the technology is totally 21st century.

4 / 10

Leave it to OXO to give us a container that is specifically designed for storing and dispensing cereal. This one holds 3.5 quarts and features a contoured grip and a pop-open lid that makes it simple to open, pour, and close with one hand.

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was $16.99

Looking for something round rather than rectangular? At just seven inches tall, this 1.5-quart round container is short, stout, and ready to keep your pantry staples airtight.

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was $153.90

Ten POP containers are so much better than one. This set includes containers ranging in capacity from 0.4 quarts to 2.8 quarts. They all stack neatly on top of each other for a clean, cohesive look.

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was $88.92

This eight-piece baking container set includes five containers and three accessories: two half-scoops that secure in place under the container lids and one brown sugar saver terracotta disk to prevent clumping.

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was $71.95

With five different containers to choose from, this set has a size and shape that will work for pretty much anything you want to keep from spoiling. They each contain curved corners for easy pouring and fill lines to keep track of how much you have.

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was $27.96

When you don’t have large quantities to keep fresh, you don’t need large containers to store them. That’s why we love this set of four 0.2-quart containers. They’re perfectly sized for salts, spices, and other items that you don’t have a ton of at one time.

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was $38.97

To keep your everyday essentials fresh, might we suggest this three-piece POP container set? It includes 1.9-quart, 1.2-quart, and 0.4-quart slim containers that stack together to reduce clutter on your countertops.