This Is The Most Impressive Nonstick Skillet I’ve Ever Tested

updated Mar 1, 2022
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I am the type of person who gets really excited about cookware. That being said, for a skillet to truly blow me away it has to be phenomenal. And guess what? The OXO Good Grips Non-Stick 12-Inch Pro Skillet is 100 percent phenomenal. Maybe even 101 percent!

During my nonstick skillet Best List testing, I tried out more than 13 different skillets and put them through a bunch of tests: frying eggs without any oil, making omelets, and cooking crêpe after crêpe after crêpe. I washed the pans by hand after each test and evaluated performance, ease of use, and cleanup (you can check out the full review here!). After everything was said and done, I named an overall favorite: OXO’s nonstick skillet! (And I’ve been using it ever since.) Here’s why it’s so great — and why it even made our 2022 list of Kitchn Essentials.

1. It’s a dream to cook in and clean.

If you’ve ever used a nonstick skillet that’s only nonstick for about a week before scrambled eggs start to cling to its surface — completely defeating the purpose of the pan — you know how frustrating that is. OXO’s skillet is the complete opposite. Nothing sticks to its durable nonstick surface. And because nothing sticks, it’s also easy to clean. I’ve been using mine for a while now and it’s well past the point when other pans would have failed me.

Its sides also gently slope inwards, so it doesn’t cut too much on usable cooking space. And its walls are high enough to contain food, but low enough so that you’re still easily able to retrieve crisp-skinned salmon fillets, cheese-filled omelets, and lacy crêpes. It’s also oven-safe to 430°F.

Credit: Riddley Gemperlein-Schirm

2. It’s perfectly designed.

The OXO Good Grips Non-Stick 12-Inch Pro Skillet is one of the lightest nonstick pans I’ve ever tried, weighing in at about 2.5 pounds. A light nonstick skillet I can lift with one hand is a must, for easily swirling batter evenly on the pan’s surface and lifting it up to slide omelets out of it. It also has a smooth, comfortable rounded handle, with no sharp corners or edges. So, it’s super comfortable to hold.

While I think the 12-inch skillet is the perfect size for recipes that serve four, it’s also available as a 10- or 8-inch sizes for those in need of a smaller pan.

3. Other pros and home cooks love it too.

I’m not the only one who loves this thing. It’s also America’s Test Kitchen’s top nonstick skillet pick! It also has super-positive reviews on Amazon, with 86 percent of the 6,000-plus reviews being five stars. And again, it made our 2022 list of Kitchn Essentials.

But, hey, if this skillet doesn’t sound like it’s for you, you should check out my full review of nonstick skillets. I also have top picks for a budget option, a ceramic version, more.

Do you have a favorite nonstick skillet? Let us know in the comments!