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I Cook for a Living and Use This $10 Prep Tool for Everything from Salads to Sandwiches

published May 20, 2022
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As a professional cook, I’m very picky about the kitchen tools I buy. I need items that are high quality, easy to use, and help me maximize my time. So when I came across a simple gadget that is sure to save me loads of time and energy chopping, I took notice right away. Allow me to introduce OXO’s Julienne Y-Peeler, which cuts uniform strips of root vegetables, hard cheeses, sturdy fruits, and more in seconds. I know I might be late to the game here, but I’m old school and have been slicing carrots into matchsticks by hand. Ever since I finally clicked “add to cart,” my meals have been so easy to put together! Just wait until you hear about what I’ve been whipping up with this little guy.

OXO is a trusted, editor-loved kitchenware brand, so it’s no surprise that this handheld peeler has quickly become a go-to tool in my utensil crock. The ergonomic, grippy handle makes it safe to use, so I never accidentally nick myself (yes, even professional cooks cut themselves in the kitchen). I also like its bright orange color, which makes it easy to distinguish from my standard OXO Y-peeler at a glance. The stainless steel blade is built to last and slice through the sturdiest of vegetables. Even better, I can toss it into the dishwasher when I’m done.

As much as I love the convenient design, the real reason I’m obsessed with this julienne peeler is because of the beautiful dishes I’ve been able to make with ease. I first put it to the test on a family favorite: buffalo chicken salad. And let me tell you, with this peeler, it the dish turned out better than ever. Prepping carrots is by far my least favorite part of prepping this salad, but this OXO tool made it quick and easy to add that necessary crunch factor. I just slid the blade along the length of the carrot and was left with evenly julienned, easy-to-eat strips. It’s such a game changer that now I’m (not so) patiently waiting for Hanukkah to whip out this peeler to shred the potatoes for latkes. In the meantime, I’m all about making zucchini fritters with this tool all summer long,

While the thought of perfectly sliced carrots was enough for me to ultimately buy this gadget and surrender my knife, the possibilities for this no-fuss, compact tool are endless. I’m talking shredding ginger into stir fries, apples and broccoli stalks into summer grain bowls, and daikon radish and cucumbers for spring rolls or bahn mi. You can even use it to shred cheddar cheese without pulling out the big box grater for your next panini. Score!

My advice? If there’s one kitchen gadget to add to your utensil lineup this summer, make it this OXO Julienne Y-Peeler. It’ll be the best $10 bucks you’ll spend all week — it was for me when I finally bought mine.