The $22 OXO Find That Instantly Decluttered My Kitchen Cabinets (and Helps Pantry Staples Stay Fresher Longer)

published Mar 29, 2023
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Credit: Carina Romano

We eat a lot of rice at my house. That’s the way it’s always been: Ever since I was a little kid, no meal was complete without a pot full of warm white rice and (usually) a side of black beans. So, when I left home, I brought the rice with me, so to speak, and for years, a small bag of long-grain white rice was a stalwart addition to my weekly grocery haul. These days, though, I’ve been buying in bulk to save money — and because my girlfriend also loves my grandma’s rice recipe — and I’ve run into a bit of an issue with storage. When I was buying the small bags, I could just whack on one of these incredible little bag sealers (which are really great) but with larger bags, there’s just too much plastic to work with. Plus, keeping a ton of rice in a haphazardly sealed plastic bag standing upright in a cabinet was not only a disaster waiting to happen, but I would also have to lean it against something, which took up a lot of space because of its oblong shape. Luckily, I recently found a solution that helps keep my rice fresh and my cabinets clutter-free: the 4.4-quart OXO POP Container

Besides its BPA-free plastic, its rounded edges that allow for easy dispensing and storage, and its durable design, the real draw of this container (and the other pieces in the line) is the “POP” — aka the unique opening and closing system OXO employs to make the containers airtight. Basically, you just fill the container with whatever you want to store, put the lid on, and instead of fiddling with latches or seals on the edges of the lid, you simply push down on the center “POP” and it creates a perfect airtight seal around the top. This keeps whatever you’re storing fresh and dry, and the popping top also acts as a handle when it’s not closed. I really like the smooth action of the lid, and because it’s clear, I can see how much rice I have left, so I know when I need to buy more. And, the wide mouth makes it easy to scoop out cups of rice and is way less of a pain than other cereal-box-shaped dry goods containers. Plus, every POP container is designed to stack together with other pieces in the line, so you can snag a bunch of them to organize your entire pantry. 

Credit: Ian Burke

And, I’m not the only one who digs the POP container. “I have several of these, and they’re wonderful,” one reviewer writes. “My favorite use is for holding the brown sugar. It’s airtight and works like a charm. I did have trouble with one sealing properly, and was about to throw it away. Then I thought it might just have stuff around the seal, so I washed it. Good as new. Get them now. I’m not kidding. Now is the right time. They’re the best.” 

So, if you’re also hoping to get a jump on spring cleaning and give your cabinets a much-needed refresh, the OXO POP Container is a great way to get started. Snag a single 4.4-quart piece or load the entire line of containers into your shopping cart ASAP to organize your heart out.