The $18 Gadget That Every Aspiring Grillmaster Needs This Summer

published Jul 1, 2022
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Credit: Photo: Julia Gartland; Food Styling: Duncan Fitzpatrick

Barbecue season is already here, and with an exciting long weekend ahead, chances are you’ve got a delicious plate of grilled food coming your way. There’s something about summer cooking that warms you up from the inside out, and there’s no denying that there are some amazing flavors that show up at the cookout this time of year. The secret to flavorful food is all in the preparation, and the right tools for the job can work magic. OXO, a brand beloved by Kitchn readers and editors alike, has a high-quality selection of thoughtfully innovative products that have been huge game-changers in the kitchen. One tool you’ll want to get your hands on this summer, especially if you’re the one behind the grill, is the OXO Flavor Injector. 

If you want to take your chicken and other meat to the next level, seasoning is where it counts. The Flavor Injector helps to quickly pack in all those fulfilling spices and marinades, so you’re spending less time getting the food ready and more time sharing food and laughter around the table. The injector has a large open handle for smooth maneuvering from any angle and can hold up to two ounces of marinade in the tube. It’s also marked with clear, easy-to-read measurements so you know exactly how much you have left before you run out. Another perk of the OXO injector is that it comes with two stainless steel needles, one for thin and one for thick marinades, that twist on or off and have flag-shaped grips on them for easy handling — even if your hands are greasy. The needles can also be stored directly in the tube when not in use.

“I particularly like that the sharp needles store safety inside the barrel so no one will get jabbed rummaging through a kitchen drawer,” says an Amazon reviewer. “In addition to basting food, I also use it to suction liquid chicken fat from the top of casseroles. If it gets blocked with a piece of rice or similar, it’s simple to wipe toward the tip of the needle and remove the obstruction.” According to the shopper, the injector is also incredibly easy to clean. They suggest pulling soap water through it a few times before switching it to plain water until it runs clear with no traces of soap or leftover marinade in sight. The injector comes apart so you can reach every inch of it to ensure it’s ready to use the next time you take it out of the drawer.

Retailing for roughly $18, this little gadget could be a huge lifesaver for food flavors this summer and beyond. You can shop it directly through OXO’s website and Amazon.