The $10 Amazon Tool That Takes the Hassle Out of Stripping Corn

published Jun 14, 2022
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someone shucking corn
Credit: Photo: Joe Lingeman; Food Styling: Amelia Rampe

There are some foods that just embody summer, from a perfectly drippy ice cream cone to the smell of BBQ chicken on the grill. For many, freshly shucked ears of corn from a local farm also mark the quintessential start of the season. They’re buttery, they’re sweet, they’re versatile, they’re… a pain to prep.

Beyond the fact that fresh corn needs to be removed from the husk and pesky silks, it may require additional work if you’re planning on making any recipe that doesn’t require the kernels be eaten from the cob (think: slow-cooked creamed corn, zesty esquites, charred corn salsa, and more). And, as anyone who has ever battled with a pipping hot ear of corn before knows, freeing those kernels from their cob can result in a lot of frustration, burnt fingertips, and plenty of juicy corn left behind.

Enter: this handy peeler from OXO. You probably already know we have big love over here for the innovative kitchen tool brand. The pros at OXO are constantly churning out products that are specifically designed to make life in the kitchen easier (like their garlic grater, drawer organizers, angled measuring cup — the list goes on!), simplifying meal prep and, in turn, making cooking that much more enjoyable.

Well, they’ve struck gold again with the Corn Prep Peeler. With a design similar to a regular veggie peeler or julienne, this handy gadget is geared towards seamlessly stripping kernels from their cob in one swift and simple motion. The key lies in its curved blade shape that allows you to get flush against the core of the cob, ensuring you keep each and every sweet kernel for your recipes.

You can use the peeler with raw or cooked corn, depending on what your recipe calls for. The stainless steel blade promises to remain sharp (and rust free!), and the whole gadget can be thrown into the dishwasher for easy cleaning. But we’re not the only ones who love it: Over 9,000 happy customers on Amazon have given it their five-star stamp of approval, with one reviewer calling it “hands down the best peeler I’ve used.” Says another, “I was skeptical at first, I’m so used to using a knife to cut corn off the cob. WOW does [this] thing work! The corn rolls off the cob like slicing butter with a hot knife. I thought it was a fluke but [it] seriously took me seconds to skin a whole cob with this tool. I couldn’t believe how easy it was — so little effort to get the cut. If you love taking fresh corn off the cob you have to get this tool. Easy to clean, so easy to use. By far my favorite kitchen gadget right now.”

Since we’re on the cusp of corn season, now is the perfect time to add this handy gadget to your arsenal. Like many of OXO’s products, you can snag one on Amazon (along with several of the brand’s other specialized peelers, like their asparagus peeler and citrus peeler). Long live the corn days of summer!