This $10 OXO Find Is Way More Versatile Than I’d Ever Thought

published Mar 24, 2023
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Snacks in pantry
Credit: Joe Lingeman/Kitchn

You probably have an old plastic clip or two that’s been bouncing around your kitchen drawers forever. It’s your go-to for pinning down stale-prone pita chips and bags of cereal before shoving them back into their boxes. And while you might not think too much about those ever-present chip clips — I know I didn’t — the OXO Good Grips Collection Bag Clips had me reconsidering what I knew about the previously humdrum kitchen item. 

What’s So Great About the OXO Good Grips Collection Bag Clips?

The OXO Good Grips Collection Bag Clips are cute, inexpensive, and incredibly versatile. Of course, they get the job done by sealing closed bags of snacks, but that’s far from their only use. 

Credit: Elizabeth Briskin

When it comes to clamping down, the clips have a tight, coiled spring that offers a firm, secure grip on everything from bags of frozen berries to dusty flour packages to cracker sleeves. And unlike the thin plastic chip clips you’ve accumulated without knowing where they came from, these are made from the thick, sturdy plastic you expect from durability-focused OXO. There’s even a little ergonomic luxury built in, with two patches of soft rubberized plastic at the pinch points. 

But the real game-changing feature on these unassuming clips is the magnet on the back. If you have any magnetic surface in your space, the OXO clip smartly makes use of the space. You can keep your grocery list on display at all times on the fridge (I have mine right on the range hood), pop a reminder or welcome note on the fridge (the magnet is strong enough to hold a small notepad), or even display a favorite photo in your kitchen too. The clips are also great for organizing small spice packets or art supplies on a magnetized board. 

Credit: Elizabeth Briskin

And finally, the hole at the top of each clip might not look like much, but it’s actually another brilliant design move by OXO — especially if you don’t have a magnetic surface. The clips can easily slide onto S-hooks or pegs to hold pieces of paper or thin notepads, snacks, or even small kitchen towels as they dry.

I love my set so much that I’ve even brought these fun chip clips to friends’ houses as casual but highly practical host gifts. It’s the type of thing that people rarely buy for themselves, but they’re always thrilled to discover how useful these small but mighty clips can be.