The Game-Changing Tool That Makes Peeling Asparagus a Breeze

published Jul 5, 2022
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Credit: Joe Lingeman

I was way older than I’d like to admit when I learned I’d been prepping asparagus all wrong. While I consider myself pretty proficient in the kitchen, I’m definitely not a trained chef, so I’m the first to say that there are some instances where my “technique” is a little wonky. Case in point? My asparagus prep.

The early spring vegetable is one of my favorites to use in recipes and I’ve tried my hand at cooking with it in almost every way imaginable, from savory quiches and veggie-forward salads to vibrant soups. I always considered it a vegetable with minimal prep work involved, simply washing it clean and throwing it on a tray (or chopping it for a recipe). Little did I know I could be doing way more to ensure the veggies shined on the plate — specifically, removing a decent portion of the woody ends to ensure what’s left of the vegetable is tender and cooked perfectly through.

While most cooks chop (or snap) off the bottom few inches of asparagus while prepping them for recipes, many also rely on a peeler to remove the woody layer of the vegetable while cutting down on waste. To be honest, that method seemed more legit (it always pained me to see just how much I had to cut off), so I decided to adopt that as my go-to. One essential tool for making this method work? OXO Good Grips’ Asparagus Peeler.

You probably already know how much we love the OXO brand over here at Kitchn. They have a well-earned reputation for producing innovative kitchen tools that are specifically designed to make life in the kitchen easier (think: garlic gratersdrawer organizersangled measuring cups — the list goes on!), simplifying meal prep and, in turn, making cooking that much more enjoyable. Well, they’ve done it again with the Asparagus Prep Peeler. With a design similar to a regular veggie peeler or julienne, this handy gadget is geared toward seamlessly stripping the tough woody layer from stems of asparagus in one swift and simple motion. The key lies in the sharp Japanese stainless steel blade that features a toothy texture aimed at removing just the layer that can make the vegetable tough or stringy to chew through, without necessitating that you cut off up to an inch or more of your precious vegetable.

You can use the peeler with raw or cooked asparagus, depending on what your recipe calls for, and it can easily be used to make quick work of the entire asparagus stem if you’re looking for fancy ribbons to top a pizza or star in a salad. The stainless steel blade promises to remain sharp (and rust-free!), and the whole gadget can be thrown into the dishwasher for easy cleaning. You don’t have to just take our word for it though: Happy customers rave about how easy the peeler is to grip and use, with one buyer calling it “the best single-use tool I’ve ever bought.” Says another, “This peeler is the bomb. Remove (peel) the lower outside of the stalk and it will all be super delicious! I never knew this type of peeler was out there but am extremely happy I found it. A normal vegetable peeler does not work [the same].”

At under $10, this is one prep tool you don’t want to miss out on — especially if you have any number of

asparagus recipes

citrus peeler. Trust me: You’ll never look at asparagus the same way again.