These Essential OXO Items Are Currently Up to 30 Percent Off

updated May 1, 2019
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Next up in our long list of Amazon Prime Day sales: OXO! That’s right, one of our favorite brands for all things kitchen gadgets is partaking in the totally-made-up-yet-very-large holiday. From now until Wednesday morning (at 9:59 Eastern Daylight Time), the brand has three essential items marked down by 25 or 30 percent.

Keep reading to see what’s included — and why you need to add all three items to your shopping cart.

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OXO’s iconic Pop Containers hold a special place in our hearts — and our pantries. With their clear, stackable containers and oh-so-satisfying airtight lids (they really do pop when you press them!), containers don’t get much better. This set includes a 0.9-quart container, a 1.5-quart container, a 2.1-quart container, and a handy scoop. The tall one on the left is great for spaghetti, while the other two would make perfect homes for rice, nuts, candy, snacks, and more.

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2. 2-Blade Handheld Spiralizer, $15 (usually $20)

One of our former staffers (who calls herself “a true kitchen minimalist”) tested out a version of this spiralizer and, despite not wanting another gadget in her drawer, she totally fell for it. The good news: It’s way smaller than most other spiralizers out there. This one also technically isn’t a unitasker: It has two different blades to create two different sizes of uniform, curly noodles. (What? We said “technically!”)

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3. 20-Piece Bag Clip Value Set, $18 (usually $25)

Maybe you’d like to think that you’re not the kind of person who needs 20 bag clips. But then you open a bag of frozen pineapple chunks for a morning smoothie. And then a bag of pretzels and a loaf of bread at lunch time. Then, later, a bag of marshmallows (it is s’mores season, after all). You can see how things start adding up. Get this set — which includes 12 all-purpose clips, two large bag clips, and six bag cinches — and you’ll never have to worry about running out of clips. (Or about having to eat stale food!)