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This Simple Cookie Jar Makes My Mornings a Million Times Better

published May 22, 2022
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Jill Livick kitchen
Credit: Rusty Williams

Nothing against baked goods, but when I saw this OXO Good Grips Cookie Jar I knew I could use it for pretty much anything — not just cookies. See, I already use OXO’s cute Good Grips POP containers to store my kids’ snacks in a deep kitchen drawer, and they’ve honestly made life in my kitchen (and the playroom, where my kids consume said snacks) so much easier. I just fill them up with Goldfish, pretzels, or whatever else I have on hand, and my boys can open the containers themselves, fill their bowls, and go on their way to play! 

This cookie jar? Well, it turns out, it was the surprising answer to organizing all of my tea packets. I’ve been keeping all of my tea in the cabinet above my espresso machine. Recently, I decided to take all of the tea bags out of their original boxes to save space in the cabinet. That system, as you might have guessed, turned into a jumbled mess. And I hadn’t found a great way to store them … until now. 

Credit: Ashley Abramson

I was using this rectangular organizer. It contained the assorted tea bags and definitely took up less space than individual boxes, but it wasn’t exactly easy to find the tea I was craving. I started with all of the tea bags lined up, neatly. And after a week, they looked like this (see above). With this mess, I’d have to take the whole organizer out and dig through it, which ended up being time-consuming and pretty messy (ultimately keeping me from drinking as much tea as I’d like). 

Credit: Ashley Abramson

A cookie jar may seem like a counterintuitive way to organize my tea bags, but for me it’s been the perfect solution. I put the container next to the espresso machine, where I get my hot water, with all of my favorite tea bags inside. I love that the jar is clear, so I can see which bags are where and easily grab one without having to dump everything out. Popping open the container is also super easy (and surprisingly satisfying), and if a tea bag happens to break open, the container is easy enough to rinse out.

Credit: Ashley Abramson

I normally don’t like storing food on my counter because it feels like visual clutter, but the tea bags feel different. The jar itself feels like a fun throwback, so it makes me smile whenever I use it. The biggest pro? It has seriously improved my well-being! I’m trying to cut back on my coffee intake, and I’ve made more herbal drinks than ever before in the last few weeks I’ve been using the jar. Right now, my go-to tea is TAZO’s Glazed Lemon Loaf, which tastes exactly like a dessert, minus the hassle of baking!

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