This $20 Cold Brew Maker Is About to Change My Life (and It’s on Sale Right Now!)

published Oct 29, 2019
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Credit: OXO

Fall is an interesting time for coffee drinkers. Once summer ends and the temperature starts to drop, many people inevitably make the switch from iced drinks to hot. Not me. I’m still all about cold brew, and it’s not unusual to see me walking the streets of Manhattan in the dead of winter carrying a chilly 20-ounce cup in my nearly frostbitten hand.

But here’s the thing: Buying cold brew every day gets expensive. And truth be told, the service at my local coffee shop kinda stinks (I order by app five minutes in advance, arrive to a completely empty store, and still wait another five minutes before they even start making my drink!). So that’s why I’ve decided to get a cold brew maker that I can use at home. My choice? OXO’s brand-new Compact Cold Brew Coffee Maker, which just came out last week.

What first caught my attention about it is that it’s really easy to use (that’s crucial for no-energy people like me!): Add coarse ground beans to the plastic container, pour water through the rainmaker cap, and let it brew for a minimum of 12 hours in the fridge or on the counter. I can do that! Once it’s ready, just drain the contents into the glass carafe. I can do that too! What you end up with is about 16 ounces of coffee concentrate, which is pretty intense, so you’ll want to add water or milk to your glass before drinking it if you ever want to sleep again.

As the name implies, the Compact Cold Brew Coffee Maker doesn’t take up much space, which is a huge plus when you live in a tiny studio, like me. All of the pieces, including the carafe and its cork lid, fit neatly inside the plastic brewer when not in use, so you can easily stash it away in a cupboard, a bathroom closet, or that oven you’ve never turned on (hey, you take your storage space where can get it in a small New York apartment).

But here’s the biggest reason I’m getting this cold brew maker. Right now, it’s on sale for $20 (normally $30), making it a lot more affordable than other models. And besides saving me money every week, it’ll also save my sanity, because I won’t have to spend five minutes in an empty store waiting for a coffee I ordered five minutes earlier.