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This $9 Cleaning Brush Set Totally Changed How I Clean Awkward Nooks and Crannies

published Sep 2, 2022
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We all know a toothbrush is a pretty essential tool when it comes to cleaning. In my home, my husband and I always use whatever free, new toothbrush we happen to get from the dentist for deep-cleaning any grooves and crevices.

Credit: Cindy Brzostowski

But we’ve been looking for a better solution. And we found it in the form of the handy OXO Good Grips Deep Clean Brush Set.

The product comes with two brushes: one large and one small with a wiper blade on its end. The large brush is recommended for grout and stovetops, while the small brush is for fixtures and tight spaces, and the wiper blade is for drains and other crevices. 

Credit: Cindy Brzostowski
The large brush has an angled head and a non-slip grip.

To test these tools, I got to work on cleaning the grout on my kitchen backsplash, and then I focused on my sink drain, which has, admittedly, seen better days.

One thing I noticed right away was how the large brush head is angled from the handle, allowing me to get into all of those tight crevices.

This meant I didn’t have to hold my hand at an awkward angle for the bristles to make contact with the items I was cleaning. Plus, the large brush has a non-slip grip on the back of the head, so I could apply pressure with my thumb for an even deeper clean.

Credit: Cindy Brzostowski
The sturdy nylon bristles made cleanup easy, even on my stained drain.

While scrubbing, I immediately noticed how much sturdier the nylon bristles are on this brush compared to normal toothbrushes. I felt like I didn’t have to apply as much pressure. I also saw that the large brush handle is rounded for a comfortable, full-palm grip.

Credit: Cindy Brzostowski
What a difference on my sink drain!

The small brush, which has a wiper blade at one end, did an excellent job cleaning the tight gaps at the base of my kitchen sink faucet. While the large brush has even-length bristles that create a flatter, stiffer surface, the small brush’s bristles are different lengths that rise to the center. This helps the brush get a better angle for hard-to-reach nooks and crannies.

Credit: Cindy Brzostowski
The small brush hard at work on my faucet.

After testing the cleaning set out in a few areas, it was the thoughtful, user-friendly design of the OXO brushes that really won me over.

Credit: Cindy Brzostowski
The set is a huge help with cleaning crevices, like this area around my faucet handle.

What stood out most to me was that the brushes have wider handles compared to your average toothbrush with non-slip grips that make them far more comfortable to hold while cleaning and lessening any hand fatigue.

And while it’s tempting to use freebie toothbrushes for spiffing up your home, this set from OXO offers so much versatility. It’s affordable, effective, and easy to use. Without a doubt, the set is a perfect tool to use for those deep cleaning days — and not just around the kitchen. 

How do you get the crevices of your sink and drain clean? Tell us your tips in the comments below.