The New Coffee Maker That’s Getting Us Excited for Fall

published Aug 26, 2020
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oxo coffee maker
Credit: OXO

We might not know what 2020 will throw at us next, but you can be sure we’ll need some coffee to get through it. But will you need just a cup? A whole pot? You don’t have to decide now, thanks to OXO’s brand-new 8 Cup Coffee Maker. Like a traditional drip machine, it brews in volume (up to 8 cups of coffee), using OXO’s signature brewing process. But where this new machine stands apart is that you can brew a single cup directly into a mug as well, thanks to the included single-serve coffee basket that pops into place where the grounds go. And you can be sure that coffee will be chef’s kiss-worthy: The 8 Cup Coffee Maker, which retails for $170, delivers such consistently great coffee that it’s earned gold-standard certification by the Specialty Coffee Association.

The reason it’s so good? The OXO 8-cup machine utilizes the same brewing technology that’s behind their wildly popular 9 Cup Coffee Maker, widely considered to be the best drip machine on the market. Put simply, the machine regulates water temperature, keeping it from getting too hot and scalding your grounds. And the signature Rainmaker showerhead literally rains water down onto your grounds, ensuring even saturation.

Kitchn Commerce Editor Sholeen tried the new OXO and was won over by “the more consistent and complex flavor” of the brew. And for a machine that can make a whole pot or a single cup, “it’s incredibly easy to use. It just has four buttons: power, 2-4 cup brewing, 5-8 cup brewing, and cleaning,” she says. “Unlike other complicated machines that require a steep learning curve to nail that perfect cup of joe, OXO’s 8-cup machine brews delicious coffee from the get-go.” 

And while the OXO Coffee Maker can do a lot, it’s less than 14 inches tall and takes up very little room on your countertop. Plus, it’s got a removable drip tray to accommodate different mug sizes when you’re in single-cup mode — which is super handy in households that have different coffee needs. So swap in decaf for one person, switch to a flavored coffee for another, and then brew a whole pot of Hawaiian Kona in the included double-walled stainless steel thermal carafe, which, Sholeen notes, “keeps coffee warm for a really long time.”

An easy-to-use, versatile coffee maker that turns out a gold-standard brew at the push of a button? We’ll drink to that! 

Buy: OXO 8 Cup Coffee Maker, $170 from Amazon