The Colorful, Affordable Amazon Organizers That’ll Tidy Up Any Space and Look Chic Doing It

published Mar 22, 2023
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One tip you might hear often when it comes to home decorating is to keep things uniform. When you’re not particularly skilled at mixing colors, prints, and textures, it’s easy to stick to neutrals and, if nothing else, avoid making your space look loud and cluttered. But there’s something to be said for breaking out of that pattern, especially when it comes to organization. It’s true: A row of storage bins that are all the same color looks very put-together. But, when you’re looking for a specific item (especially when you’re in a rush), it’s easy to forget which bin holds socks, which one contains your hair accessories, and which one is concealing your umbrella. Additionally, if the majority of your furniture is plain in color, adding a pop of brightness through smaller pieces might be just what your bedroom or home office needs. There’s arguably no chicer way to do that than by incorporating these multicolored storage bins from Amazon. The best part is, they’re available in a pack of seven for just $21.

Although organizers that are designed for a specific purpose are great, we can’t help but love the fact that you can throw pretty much whatever you want into these roomy bins. The medium size measures 10 inches long and 7 inches wide, giving you ample space for a wide variety of things. Keep the bins in your closet for smaller accessories, like hats, scarves, and intimates. Place some in your pantry to keep dry or jarred goods in order. You might even put a bin or two on your bathroom vanity for skincare and cosmetics — it’s totally up to you! And if you need a bigger holding capacity, you can invest in the large bins, which measure 12 inches long by nearly 8 inches wide and come in a pack of seven for $10 more. Aside from a couple of white and gray bins, you get a pleasant array of complementary colors in varying shades of orange and blue.

Amazon ratings for the bins are largely positive, with reviewers praising their versatility and structured yet flexible construction. “(The) baskets are lightweight, have slight give and are very easy to take in and out of cupboards thanks to the handles and tiny ‘feet,'” one reviewer wrote. “My only regret is that I wish that I had found them sooner.” Others noted that they didn’t expect to need all seven bins but found a use for every last one nonetheless! We have no doubt that you’ll experience the same pleasant surprise when you give these cute organizers a try.

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