The Dish Drying Rack You Can Use Even If You Have No Counter Space at All

updated Sep 27, 2019
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Credit: BONNINSTUDIO/Stocksy

Here at Kitchn, we love when the student becomes the master. Of course, we’ll never stop sharing tips and tricks to make your lives easier in the kitchen, but we have to admit that it’s pretty sweet when our readers write in with ingenious tips of their own — especially ones that solve particularly pesky pain points.

That’s why we nearly jumped for joy when one of our readers messaged us on Facebook to tell us about the best thing she recently bought for her kitchen: this Surpahs Over-the-Sink Multipurpose Roll-Up Dish Drying Rack, for $25 on Amazon.

Credit: Amazon

As you might imagine, dish-washing is a big topic of conversation around here, so when we learned about this super-cool, over-the-sink, roll-up, drying rack, we gave it our undivided attention. (You know what we love more than a dish drying rack that doesn’t take up much counter space? A dish drying rack that takes up absolutely zero counter space whatsoever.) So now we’re paying it forward and letting our awesome reader, Susan, tell you about it, too.

“The best thing I recently bought for my kitchen was this roll-up silicone drying rack. I use it for drying dishes and draining cleaned produce,” she says. “I’ve had it a few months now and love it. I’m finding new uses every day! It goes right in the dishwasher too!”

Susan even showed us three different ways that she uses it in her own kitchen.

Credit: Susan Krause

“Still-wet plastic containers stack and dry quickly on the unrolled mat over the sink because air can move into and between the containers. “

Credit: Susan Krause

“Rolled up tight, I can slip cutting mats and even knives between the narrow spaces while they dry.”

Credit: Susan Krause

“And because you can roll it up and it stays put, you can adjust the drying surface area to the size needed for different jobs while still allowing for available sink space.”

That’s not even all this dish drying rack can do … but we’ll let you dream up even more possibilities.

Have you bought anything recently that you really love? Tell us about it in the comments below and we may feature you in your very own post!