Our Very Best Oven-Cleaning Tips from 2020

updated Dec 9, 2020
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A person spraying glass cleaner onto the glass of their stainless steel oven's door
Credit: Joe Lingeman/Kitchn

How much of a workout has your oven gotten this year? Chances are, you’ve been using it a lot more than in previous years. Which means you’ve been having to clean it a lot more than in previous years. Or, at least, you’ve been, um, meaning to clean it more. Let’s face it: Cleaning the oven isn’t high on anyone’s list of priorities. Unless you work at Kitchn: We spent lots of time this year trying to figure out some of the best hacks and tips for getting our ovens looking like new. We wanted you guys to be able to put in a little bit of effort, get big results, and then be on your way. We’re happy to report we were fairly successful. Here are our best oven-cleaning tips from 2020.

1. Dishwasher tablets can be used to clean oven doors.

Have you tried everything to clean the gunk of your oven door? Well, probably not — unless you already know this secret. Turns out, a dishwasher tablet is a miracle worker when it comes to cutting through grease on oven doors. (Makes sense considering they’re designed to cut through grease on dishes!) Just be sure to pull on some gloves first (it does get messy), then dip the tablet in some warm water, and scrub.

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2. Or you can use a Magic Eraser.

Is there anything the Magic Eraser can’t do? Okay, sure, yeah. But it can clean up that gross, greasy glass in your oven door — in literally a couple minutes and without much scrubbing. 

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3. That drawer at the bottom comes out for cleaning.

Whoa — do you know what’s lurking under your oven drawer? It’s probably not very pretty! But that oven drawer comes out. Like, all the way out! And then you can stick a vacuum hose back there.

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4. You can vacuum up errant crumbs before you do any wet cleaning.

Speaking of vacuuming! Before you do any wet cleaning on the inside of your oven, you can use that same hose to suck up any errant crumbs that have fallen to the bottom. If you’d rather not put your vacuum cleaner in there, you can use a paintbrush to reach those awkward corners. Use it like a broom to sweep out any crumbs.

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5. A pumice stone works wonders on the inside.

What if we told you the absolute best tool for releasing baked-on food and grease from inside your oven is a super-inexpensive, all-natural tool? Well, that’s what we’re saying! Pumice stones are nothing short of amazing when it comes to wiping out all that build-up in your oven, with so little elbow grease.

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Did you learn any great oven-cleaning tips this year? Share your wisdom in the comments below!