Outside Cooking: Build Your Own (Temporary) Grill

Outside Cooking: Build Your Own (Temporary) Grill

Faith Durand
Jun 14, 2007

Still looking for your summer grill? Try building one. This very good idea comes from Kate.

She says, Last night my husband Jonathan and I went to Home Depot and built ourselves a grill. Aesthetically, we love this way more than a small grill that would fit into this space, and we think this is less likely to sprout legs and walk away from one of our building's community porches (not to mention the fact that it weighs a ton will help prevent it from walking). Lots more pictures and instructions below!

Although more expensive than a tabletop-sized grill, it's less than the cost of two small grills, which is where we would be if the 1st grew legs and took off. This also could be jimmy-rigged to be a rotisserie, with our ice cream machine's motor as the power behind the rotisserie. That will be a project for later this summer.

The parts:
• 16" terra cotta pot, $15.99
• 16" terra cotta saucer (larger than you would buy for the pot normally, but also works as a cover for the grill), $11.90
• "Replacement" grill grate in the smallest size we could find, $7.49
• 3 bricks, $1.32

We stacked up 3 bricks in the bottom of the pot to build up the base so we wouldn't have to use as much charcoal. Grill as usual. Jonathan said that putting the saucer on most of the way would not allow enough air in, but resting it about half-on-half-off worked to help control it.

We also purchased mesquite wood chips, charcoal and matches (the last two from the grocery store because Home Depot didn't sell smaller bags of charcoal). For the wood chips, you can either spread them on the coals, or you can do as he did: wrap them in foil with some water and tuck them into the side and allow the smell to permeate without overpowering.

The cover will be put on top once the coals have cooled to prevent animals and rain from getting into the grill as much as possible. And the brats were mighty tasty! Chicken is for another meal, but we didn't want to waste the heat while we had it. A sign on the door to the porch also warns people that the grill is hot, and we had a fire extinguisher nearby, just in case!

Since we haven't had a grill since we moved here nearly 4 years ago because of the fear of it walking off, we're both very pumped about the grilling we will do!

Thanks Kate!

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(Images: Kate via email)

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