The Throw Blanket I Always Use Outside Has a Surprising Bug-Repelling Feature That Really Works

published Jun 21, 2022
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Credit: Jen Grantham/Stocksy

At this time of year, anyone who’s spoken with me for longer than five minutes has heard me complain about mosquitoes. The combination of rainy days and southern humidity have made evening walks with my dog nearly unbearable if I’m not coated with repellent of some sort. Even though I know better, I don’t always wear it. Sometimes, I’m in a rush to get out of the apartment and other times, I just don’t want to walk around smelling like chemicals and citronella, you know? So when I heard there was a stylish throw blanket that actually repels bugs, I had to see it for myself. And who better to offer a bug-repelling blanket than a brand that has the outdoors as its primary focus? Outer sent me one of their Bug Shield Blankets to try out, and for once, I could leave my mosquito repellent sprays, wipes, and balms at home — guilt-free.

On the outside, the Bug Shield Blanket looks like any other throw — so much so that I was doubtful that it was capable of keeping bugs away. However, considering that I probably wouldn’t want a blanket that’s uncomfortable or soaked in bug spray, the more “normal” it appeared, the better. Not only is it inconspicuous, but it’s overall an attractive blanket! The striped plaid design is made up of 100-percent recycled fibers in earthy tones that are befitting for any season. It’s lightweight enough to keep out during the warmer months, which happens to be when mosquitoes are THE worst in Louisiana. 

How does it work? The Bug Shield Blanket is equipped with an odor-free and invisible repellent that’s safe for children and pets; and keeps away flies, ants, ticks, mosquitoes, and more. The repellent, called Insect Shield, bonds to the fibers and holds tightly even after washing, meaning that including the blanket in your laundry won’t deteriorate its quality or properties.

I couldn’t have tried out the Bug Shield Blanket at a better time. The first day I pulled out the blanket for the evening dog walk, I said that if it didn’t work, I’d go back to the traditional sprays and balms. But after just one outing, I found out that this blanket is the real deal. I thought it would only keep bugs away from the blanket itself, much like the way mosquitoes will still bite you wherever you haven’t put on bug spray. However, when I came back inside from walking my dog with the throw, I hadn’t been bitten once anywhere. I was so surprised that I thought it was a fluke until I took it out three more times and got the same result. 

This blanket has become my new preferred method of avoiding bug bites while out with my dog, and my favorite item to bring when I visit my mom’s place, because we’re often hanging out on her spacious backyard patio. If you live in a humid area or just can’t stand dealing with pesky bugs when you want to relax outside, this is the accessory you’ll want to have with you. I couldn’t be happier that my skepticism was defeated, and the irritating bug bites went right along with it!

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