If You Love Day Drinking Outside, These 5 Things Will Make It a Million Times Better

updated Jun 25, 2019
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As soon as the daytime weather consistently hits 70 degrees or above, you can almost exclusively find me outside. And on the weekends (or, let’s be honest, after 4:30), you can find me out there with a beverage in hand. Because drinking outside (responsibly!) is a nice summertime activity. As long as you have the right gear. Have the wrong gear and your wine gets cold, bugs get in your cocktail, and it’s just no fun at all.

Here are the five things I’m totally obsessed with when it comes to day drinking outside.

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I’ve loved these for a few years and I finally feel vindicated for being so obsessed. See, one of my favorite wine writers also just gave them her seal of approval (especially for rosé). I find that a Corkcicle “glass” can keep an entire pour chilled the whole time it takes me to drink it, and the lid keeps bugs out (I like that the spout has a piece that slides opened and closed). Plus, I love all the color options. At $25 each they’re not cheap, so I just have a few. But that same wine writer also suggests this $8 glass, if you’re looking for something more budget-friendly.

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There’s a lot of local craft beer where we live, so we have lots and lots of cans in our fridge at any given time. My husband went through a stint buying up neoprene coozies with cheeky sayings, but they’re not really all that great at keeping beer cold. This guy sure is, though! You load it up with a cold can and the gasket keeps it in place while the double-wall vacuum insulation keeps beers nice and frosty. Sadly, I don’t have a cheaper option to suggest to you here, as it really is the best.

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If you like to make pitcher cocktails for parties, you know that pitchers are not a great idea for parties. Because, bugs. Get a beverage dispenser and you can make double (or quadruple!) a recipe so that you don’t have to pause your fun to make refills or to top off anyone’s glass. Set it up on a table and people can help themselves. And the bugs will just have to move on.

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You’re probably not surprised to see YETI on here again, because the brand has a cult-like following for its coolers. While $200 might seem like a lot to spend on a cooler, know that many testers (myself included!) have found this to be the cream of the cooler crop. I’ve put this on the patio on a Friday, filled it up, and still found beer and ice in there on a Sunday evening. Best part? It keeps cookout guests from having to go back inside every time they want a new beer.

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This idea is more day drinking-adjacent, and yet still totally necessary. I have written about the wonders of Kubb before and I will do it every year until Faith (our Editor-in-Chief) tells me I can’t anymore. I’m including it here because you need something to do while you’re day drinking outside and I honestly can’t think of a more fun way to spend an afternoon.