Out-of-Print Tees Help You Slay Kitchen Dragons, Thanks to Joy of Cooking

As book lovers and food lovers, we’ve long been fans of Out of Print Clothing, which creates tees, sweatshirts, and totes from vintage book covers. We now have even more reason to love them, as they’ve just launched their first product line with a vintage cookbook cover. And what better cookbook could they choose than The Joy of Cooking? The line kicks off their first apron release, but it doesn’t stop there — are you ready to slay your kitchen dragons?

The line also includes a tea towel, which you know we’re fans of.

The tote in the line is a market-style tote that is squatter and larger than their traditional tote bags, which makes it better for carrying home your groceries or your farmers market haul.

Finally, they also have both men’s and women’s T-shirts, but they are a departure from the rest of the products in the line. Instead, the tees feature an illustration by Irma S. Rombauer’s daughter Marion, which depicts “St. Martha of Bethany, the patron saint of cooking, slaying the dragon of kitchen drudgery,” according to the site. We’ll take it. Let’s just consider it another way to slay in the kitchen.