Out of Fridge Space Before a Party? A Surprising Spot to Chill Your Drinks

published Nov 11, 2013
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It’s a common dilemma before a big party. Your refrigerator is stuffed with food for the gathering, which means there is no room for the drinks you need to chill before the guests arrive. Sure, you could fill a couple coolers with ice, but there’s an even smarter place to chill your drinks — one that doesn’t require any extra space or clean-up. Where is it?

Inside the washing machine! This month’s issue of EatingWell includes this ingenious tip from entertaining expert Diane Phillips:

If you have lots of drinks to cool and a full fridge, fill your washing machine with ice in the morning of the party and chill in there. Bring drinks out as you need them. The washing machine will drain as the ice melts, and you won’t have to stock coolers all night or empty all the melted ice the next day!

She says it works with both front- and top-loading machines.

I’ll definitely be trying this tip out, as one of my frequent party anxieties is not having enough fridge space to get drinks cold before a big party. I don’t have space to store a big cooler, but I do have a washing machine, so this is the perfect solution for me.

Do you have any tips for maximizing fridge space before a big party?