Our Readers Take the Cooking Cure: Here’s How Day 2 Went for Them

published Mar 5, 2014
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Are you participating in The Cooking Cure? All month long we’re helping you take a closer look at your daily meals and set new culinary goals to get you excited about cooking. If you’re sick of winter food or just need some fresh perspective, follow along! It’s always better with company.

Yesterday our assignment was to ask three specific questions about your breakfast habits. We checked out the #cookingcure hashtag to see how Day 2’s assignment went for you — here are some highlights!

Here are some thoughts that came up after thinking about the three breakfast questions:

I’m definitely a Breakfast Avoider & a Sweets Eater. My #cookingcure goals: Make breakfast, eat breakfast, eat fewer carbs for breakfast.
— Lindsay T. So (@lindsaytso) March 4, 2014
Spicing up my life with @thekitchn‘s #cookingcure. Breakfast goals: try overnight oatmeal, find savory recipes, more coffee variety.
— Catherine Odson (@ms_codson) March 4, 2014

Some people kept things simple…

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Some people had goals…

My breakfast goals for the #CookingCure are to (1) eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, (2) more protein (3) earlier in the morning.

— Sandra Criswell (@sandraholla) March 4, 2014

But definitely didn’t want to sacrifice their favorite breakfast foods….

But you will pry my eggs and bacon out of my cold, dead hands #CookingCure

— Sandra Criswell (@sandraholla) March 4, 2014

How’s it going for you? Did you ask yourself three questions about your breakfast habits?

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