Our Place Just Launched the Most Beautiful Limited-Edition Collection in Honor of Persian New Year

updated Mar 4, 2021
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Credit: Our Place

One of the most unique things about owning an Always Pan is the versatility you get from a single piece of cookware. While the pan itself does the job of eight pieces of cookware, the brand is also consistently launching new additions that add more functionality and the ability to experiment with diverse cuisines. When we spoke with Shiza Shahid, the founder of Our Place, she called this Traditionware, explaining that it’s the brand’s constant attempt to create kitchen essentials that honor traditional foods from different cultures. Case in point, the recently launched bamboo steamer baskets that arrived just in time for Lunar New Year and are perfect for anyone who enjoys whipping up homemade dumplings or even steaming vegetables and fish. And with Nowruz around the corner, Our Place is adding a beautiful Noosh-e-Joon Platter that’s designed to create tahdig, the traditional Iranian dish that’s a staple at the Persian New Year table.

For those who haven’t heard of tahdig before, it’s a beautiful golden crust of crisp, fragrant rice that’s made using a wide pan topped with a tight-fitting lid. And while cooking it is a hard feat to pull off with regular cookware, Our Place’s tahdig platter is designed to make it a lot easier. For starters, the platter sits perfectly on top of the Always Pan and comes with a 100 percent cotton damkoni — aka a tight-fitting cover that you can slip over your pan’s lid to absorb the condensing steam (a key step to guaranteeing fluffier grains!).

Credit: Our Place

The pan also has wide handles that make it easier to flip your tahdig once it’s ready without causing it to split or fall apart. And since it’s made from ceramic stoneware, it heats up beautifully, ensuring that every grain of rice is caramelized to utter perfection. The set also includes a jar of Persian saffron that’s harvested by hand at a family-owned co-op in Afghanistan. You even get a traditional keepsake tahdig recipe so you can recreate the dish right in your own kitchen.

And just like the Always Pan, the tahdig platter also doubles as a piece of art. It comes in two of the brand’s most popular colors — Spice and Chickpea — and is inscribed with delicate Persian calligraphy. In fact, it’s so pretty, you’ll want to use it as a serving platter that can easily go from the stovetop to the dinner table. And aside from using it to create a traditional dish of tahdig, the platter is also perfect for making tortillas, pancakes, frittatas, or basically any dish that needs a 180-degree flip. Personally, I’m thinking utappam and a gorgeous crusty layer of rice to top on my Sunday biryani. Yum!

Just like the brand’s previous Traditionware collections, the Tahdig Trio is a limited-edition item and available to ship out only while supplies last. And right now, if you add an Always Pan along with the Tahdig Trio to your cart, you can score $20 off your order! So go ahead and snag this delightful addition that can expand your own cooking repertoire and make your tried-and-true recipes easier to prepare than ever. Even better? Gift a set to a loved one who celebrates Nowruz.

Buy: The Tahdig Trio + Always Pan, $190 (normally $210)