This Underrated Essential Has Replaced My Bulky Oven Mitts — And It’s on Sale Right Now

published Apr 27, 2023
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Baker hands with potholder next to metal cookie sheet with bread in oven
Credit: djedzura/Getty Images/iStockphoto

There are many small things in my kitchen that bring me joy. There’s the handy air fryer that I use daily, which fits into my “practical and functional” category of joy. Or the cute cat magnets on the fridge and the slightly dusty picture frames of my family behind the sink, both of which fall into my “not so functional, but aesthetically pleasing” category of joy. But the newest addition to my kitchen that’s brought capital-J Joy is both practical and aesthetically pleasing: Our Place Hot Grips

What’s so great about the Our Place Hot Grips?

As a recipe developer and content creator, I spend a lot of time in the kitchen cooking everything from instant ramyun noodles to comforting chicken soup. I always deal with hot pot handles because I’m constantly testing recipes and cooking in multiple pans and pots. But I often forget to pull out my big oven mitts (hey, when multiple things are happening at the same time, my brain can get slightly frazzled!), so I’ll just pull down the sleeve of my sweatshirt to grab hot pot handles. 

I’m not saying I never use my oven mitts; sometimes you need to pull out those big, thick oven mitts to hold a heavy cast iron skillet loaded with roast chicken. But the tiny yet mighty Hot Grips are perfect when transporting a large pot with bubbling instant ramyun noodles or tilting a pot with one hand and stirring with the other. I always reach for these stylish grips for quick assistance, and using them is much easier in everyday cooking than my bulky (and ugly!) oven mitts, which are often hiding somewhere in my pantry.

Credit: James Park

The Hot Grips are also so aesthetically pleasing. I mean, look at them! They come in several colors that match with the rest of Our Place’s products, such as their Always Pan and Perfect Pot. In fact, the mitts are designed specifically to fit over the brand’s pots and pans, but they also work on any type of cookware and bakeware. The rainbow-inspired squiggly lines and pastel colors make these mitts look like an art piece. But these oven mitts are more than just kitchen eye candy — they’ve become one of my most used tools.

Credit: James Park

The Hot Grips come as a pair, and are made from dishwasher-safe silicone that can handle temps up to 450°F. They’re soft to touch, yet feel secure and provide a good grip when draped over the handles of hot cookware. The little oven mitts are about three inches wide, and have a short and long side — the latter always faces upward to give your thumbs a large surface area to grip.

Credit: James Park

As far as investments go, $25 is a small expense for such practical — and aesthetically pleasing — kitchen essentials. I’ve been using them almost daily to securely grab hot plates from the microwave, move large pots of bubbling ramyun and soup, and more. I can’t keep this secret to myself, though, so I keep them hanging over my oven door as a daily reminder of joy — and to readily show off whenever friends come over for dinner.

Buy: Our Place Hot Grips, $20 (originally $25)