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I’m a Former Restaurant Worker, and This Limited-Edition Cookware Set is Taking My Meals to the Next Level

published Nov 15, 2022
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Our Place Heirloom Set
Credit: Our Place

If you’re looking for me, chances are, I’m in the kitchen. Blame it on my longing for the adrenaline filled hours of my restaurant past, or the natural love and appreciation for ingredients I inherited from my grandma at a young age — I’ll cast aside most any responsibility if it means just a minute more at the stove. In my previous career, I was a pastry chef, but I’ve found myself leaning toward the savory side a little more these days.

And, when it comes to working with savory flavors, whether it’s a quick midday snack or an elaborate dinner party, I find it’s of paramount importance that I equip myself with cookware and tools that make getting the job done easier and more enjoyable. One of my favorite places to turn for trusted essentials? Our Place. The brand also just released an all-new Heirloom Set, which bundles the Kitchn-favorite cast-iron Always Pan with their hand-crafted Tagine. And, let’s just say, this special set has totally upgraded every single thing I’ve cooked in it. Oh, and it’s also on sale right now for 30 percent off as a part of Our Place’s Black Friday deals.

A traditional Tagine features a ceramic conical lid atop a round dish, but Our Place has put their own unique spin on the North African classic by designing a Tagine lid that fits atop any Always Pan. You can buy either of the set’s game-changing pieces solo, but I really recommend purchasing them together. Not to mention the set is on sale right now for the just over what the Always Pans normally retails for at full price.

Historically, a Tagine is used to prepare a dish also called Tagine, which is made by layering alliums, meats, spices, and vegetables. The carefully crafted dish is then set over heat and cooked until a flavor-packed stew emerges. With the Our Place iteration, however, you can utilize the Tagine for many other applications. I love popping the lid on the pan for just ten minutes, which automatically adds extra moisture to whatever it is I’m cooking (the Tagine’s unique shape works sort of like the lids on certain Dutch ovens, catching condensation and redistributing it to the food below).

I’ve also used it as a quasi-steamer, popping halves of honeynut squashes skin-down in a half inch of broth and allowing them to baste in their own steam. The beauty of this bundle is that once the squash was cooked through, I removed the top, drained any excess water, turned up the heat, added butter, and flipped the little halves over to give them a good ‘ol cast-iron sear. Which is very easy to do by the way, considering the interior is coated with a matte finish that achieves a perfectly golden crust and is inherently nonstick.

Credit: Stella Totino

I have cooked in the set in traditional fashion, crafting stewy goodness that’s perfect for brisk fall days. But, I’ve also found that because so much moisture is retained in this dreamy duo, I can basically use any recipe that might require a Dutch oven and expect succulent, practically effortless results. I love any piece of cookware that allows you to just add ingredients, turn on the stove, and come back after a lengthy period of time to discover your dinner’s been made for you.

Basically, no matter what kind of cook you are, this stunning set will elevate any meal you prepare in it. But, there is one caveat: This must-have is limited edition and included in Our Place’s Black Friday sale. And, while you’ll be scoring the set for a truly incredible price (did I mention the Tagine is hand-crafted?), there’s no telling how long it will be available. As is true with all limited-edition pieces, once it sells out, it’s gone — for good. So, get on over to Our Place’s site and grab one for yourself, a friend, a relative, or anyone you know who loves easy, delicious dinner.

Buy: Heirloom Set, $165 (normally $235)