The Always Pan, Wonder Oven, and More Editor-Tested Favorites We Love from Our Place

published Feb 2, 2024
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It took almost no time for the world to fall in love with Our Place, a kitchenware brand known for its sleek design and unique functionality. While not everything can be worth the hype, Our Place 100% is. I say this because I and other Kitchn editors have tested its kitchenware — and it delivers. From the innovative Dream Cooker to the versatile Wonder Oven, Our Place has achieved viral acclaim time and again, and for good reason: Their products rock, and look incredible in our kitchens. That’s why we’ve compiled this short list of some personally tested — and thoroughly enjoyed — items from Our Place for you to sift through below. If you’ve been on the fence about snagging some high-quality cookware from Our Place, consider this your sign to click “add to cart!”

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The upgraded Always Pan 2.0 features a new and improved ceramic nonstick coating on its cooking surface, offering enhanced scratch resistance. It's also oven-safe up to 450°F, allowing you to easily roast, broil, and bake in the same pan.

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Our Place

This 6-in-1 Wonder Oven is small, but packs a punch with air frying and steaming features not found in a regular toaster oven. It preheats 75% faster and cooks 30% faster than similar models, making it a speedy replacement for your kitchen heating appliances. A Kitchn contributor tried it and is hooked, writing, "It's now a crucial part of my meal-prep routine."

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Our Place

Meet the multicooker of your dreams: The Dream Cooker. It's more flexible and versatile than traditional multicookers because its presets have been streamlined to just four cooking modes: Pressure Cook, Slow Cook, Sauté/Sear, and Keep Warm. Make tender meats, flavor-rich broths, and more, all in record time. The Kitchn's Mark Marino loves it, too. "The design is so stylish," he writes. "It comes in such gorgeous colors that it pretty much doubles as decor that you actually want to show off."

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Our Place

If you're obsessed with Our Place's Always 2.0 Pan, you'll fall extra in love with its mini version. The Mini is just 8.5 inches in diameter (vs. 10 inches), making it perfect for everyday tasks like frying eggs or making a WFH stir-fry for lunch without having to worry about excess space in the pan or any unnecessary dishwashing. "I think you’ll find that the Mini Always Pan is the cookware you’ll reach for first for nearly any stovetop task," writes The Kitchn contributor Stella Totino, who tried the pan herself.

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You can use this medium-sized grill pan for indoor and outdoor cooking, and yes, it's available in all of the brand’s traditional shades. It allows you to obtain all the good flavors of an outdoor grill without having to go outdoors — a huge win in the winter months. "I have truly enjoyed the time I’ve spent with this pan!" says The Kitchn's Associate Food Editor, Cory Fernandez. "The pan is super durable and versatile, and I like that it comes in a range of different shades."

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Our Place

Our Place’s Better Bowl set does the work of nine different kitchen tools without taking up the same amount of space. This system of mixing bowls, transparent lids, a grater, juicer, and salad spinner is about to become your new meal prep superhero. The Kitchn's managing editor, Tamara Kraus, says its salad bowl is the star of the show. "If you’re looking to make takeout-worthy salads at home, this tool will help you do that with the press of a button."

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The Perfect Pot is an all-in-one solution that combines eight essential tools in a single, beautiful pan. From simmering to searing and braising to boiling, it's a versatile kitchen essential. (It's no wonder it had a huge waitlist!) Contributor Riddley Gemperlein-Schirm says, "If you want a good nonstick pot that works well, is easy to use and clean, and looks great, the Perfect Pot is the answer."

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Our Place

Beyond stylish cookware, Our Place has perfected the art of ergonomic and chic knives! The Kitchn's contributor, Stella Totino, swears by this Everyday Chef's Knife as her go-to kitchen tool. "Its comfort is unmatched, feeling like a seamless extension of your hand. At eight inches, it's sizable and versatile — always ready to handle any kitchen task." It's truly a do-it-all knife that deserves a spot in your kitchen.

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Crafted for dipping sauces, toppings, and petite treats, these Tiny Bowls prove to be indispensable for a variety of meals. Plus, they boast the convenience of being stackable, oven-safe, and resistant to scratches! According to The Kitchn's former Senior Commerce Editor, Danielle St. Pierre, "If you need something that's just the right size for toppings, small treats, meal prep, and desserts, I genuinely can't recommend these versatile Tiny Bowls enough."

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This five-piece set has all you need for roasting and baking — an oven pan, a loaf pan, two baking dishes, and a reusable oven mat. According to contributor Erin Cavoto, "It includes everything essential for everyday baking, like casseroles, roasted veggies, one-pan dinners, quick breads, cobblers, and more. Plus, it looks good enough to serve or bring to a dinner party."