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This Stunning Cutting Board Stands the Test of Time — and It’s My Go-To Gift This Year!

updated Sep 1, 2023
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Daily Board
Credit: Our Place

I’ve spent a lot of time standing in front of a cutting board. I’ve chopped on heavy rubber boards in restaurants that still smell like the bleach they sat in overnight; I’ve sliced atop expensive Boos Blocks that had their final day and split; and I’ve minced on lightweight bamboo boards that remain rough no matter how much you oil or sand them. From acacia boards’ soft wooden surface and paper-thin plastic sheets to boards that slide along the counter as I dice, I’ve always been disappointed with this integral piece of cooking equipment.

The truth is, between my years in restaurant kitchens, my childhood spent cooking alongside my parents, and the daily hours I put in for my home-cooked meals as an adult, I’ve never found a cutting board that checked off all the boxes. Now, I understand there are more grave complaints out there than finding the glass slipper of chopping blocks, but for someone who depends on the kitchen essential as much as I do, well, it is important. However, after a lifetime of testing out different options, Our Place finally came through for me. It was no surprise, either, that the do-it-all, stylish kitchenware brand’s Daily Board turned out to be everything I’m looking for.

While Our Place may be known for their internet-famous Always Pan (I love it), in my experience, these form-meets-function masters have perfected a whole lot more than just cookware. In fact, their chef’s knife is still one of my most-used blades (it holds right up to my expensive Japanese knives). So it only makes sense that their cutting board would be equally as worthy. In my eyes, Our Place can do no wrong!

The Daily Board is constructed from 100 percent recycled plastic (a total plus, I work to outfit my kitchen as sustainably as possible) that’s specifically designed to prevent knife marks and wear from repeated use. The board is double-sided with a textured surface, making both sides safe for slicing (no knife slips here, this surface is grippy!) and handy for hygiene-friendly cooking. The cleanliness component is a huge factor for me: Because old restaurant habits die hard, I’m a little more fussy than most when it comes to maintaining an up-to-code clean kitchen. Being able to flip over a board that had animal protein, eggs, or cheese and use a fresh surface for chopping veggies is a time-saving element that makes me appreciate this kitchen essential all the more.

Credit: Stella Totino

Other features I appreciate? The board is large (it’s 10 by 15 inches, to be exact) without being heavy or cumbersome. I always have enough surface area to work with, but never find myself moaning or groaning when it comes time to pick up the board for cleanup. It’s so light, it practically levitates to sink itself! Plus, it’s super-slim and easily tucks away in my cabinet, nestled between baking sheets and cooling racks without putting up a fight.

Last but not least — and I’m pretty sure the designers at Our Place were reading my mind when they incorporated this element — the Daily Board is lined by non-slip plastic strips on two edges. Not only does this provide a subtle, sleek, dual-tone aesthetic, it also means that the board never moves. No matter if I’m slicing through a log of mozzarella, dicing enough mirepoix for a small village, or carefully sawing through a kabocha squash, the board stays put and resists the urge to slide its way across the countertop with every slice. Finally, a cutting board that works with me, not against me.

Long story short, I’m totally obsessed. The simple kitchen essential is really so important to any and every meal, from snack to multi-course dinner. Since I’ve had the Daily Board at the ready, I’ve found all my culinary tasks so much easier. In fact, I love mine so much, I’ve already bought these stunning and incredibly useful things this morning for my loved ones — and I take gift-giving super seriously, folks, so that’s saying a lot.