The Best Things to Buy at Our Place

updated Nov 3, 2023
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Our Place was founded on the premise that a great meal is about more than just the food itself — it’s the community, conversations, traditions, and memories created around the table that we revel in. In 2019, co-founder Shiza Shahid set out to create a direct-to-consumer kitchenware brand that spoke, well, directly to you. Even if you’re not on social media, there’s absolutely no way that you haven’t come across the buzzy and beautiful Always Pan or new Wonder Oven that can pass as decor in an ad, a friend’s kitchen, or even here just on The Kitchn in the past few years.

Since the brand’s debut, its mission has always been to help create a place that brings people together through food, whether it be celebrating traditions or making entirely new ones. Outside of its social-media famous Always Pan, the brand’s Traditionware collections are centered around a cultural cuisine and the pieces needed for those rituals.

What Are the Best Things to Buy at Our Place?

It didn’t hurt that Our Place also specializes in the kind of cookware that makes you want to cook, not just because they’re intuitive to use and easy to clean, but also because they’re that aesthetically pleasing. All the kitchenware are equal parts functional and beautiful, versatile, and thoughtfully designed for the modern home cook, with smart features that solve some of the pain points you often come across, like pans that can go from stovetop to oven to table, and stackable and sturdy glassware.

Whether you’re looking to transform your kitchen into a more inviting space where traditions old and new are celebrated, or just need a new pan to make your morning eggs, you can’t go wrong with anything from Our Place.

Below, we’re breaking down the brand’s bestsellers, as well as some of our favorites. Our Place may still be relatively new, but the company has definitely already made its mark in our kitchens.

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Our Place
was $150.00

Before I had even heard of Our Place, I recognized the Always Pan, as I had seen it all over social media, adorning the kitchens of home cooks everywhere — including ours. The Always Pan was the brand’s debut product and, to this day, it’s still one of the bestsellers.

As the name suggests, you'll always reach for this pan. It’s a do-it-all piece designed to take over all types of stovetop tasks and replace the clutter of pans in your kitchen. Use the Always Pan to braise, sear, steam, strain, sauté, fry, boil, and serve. Just don’t place it in the oven, as it’s not rated for that oven use.

It has a nonstick ceramic coating for easy cooking and cleanup. The modular lid design traps and releases steam when needed, along with the two pour spouts on either side for quick draining. It also comes with a steamer basket that doubles a colander, and a beechwood spatula that won’t damage the pan’s delicate surface.

While it’s a heavy-duty item in terms of what it can do, this pan weighs in at just three pounds. To top if all off, the pan comes in a variety of dreamy hues that look great in any kitchen, like warm Spice (the most popular color) or the vibrant Rosa and Azul shades from the brand’s collaboration with Selena Gomez.

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Our Place

While the Always Pan is Our Place's signature cookware, the brand has recently expanded into small appliances. The Wonder Oven is Our Place's first-ever small countertop appliance, combining multiple appliances into one. Instead of needing extra countertop and outlet space for an air fryer, toaster, and microwave, you can just turn to the Wonder Oven. You'll also get a handful of accessories to get the mose use out of it, like a wire rack, baking pan, air fryer basket, and more. It currently comes in four classic Our Place colors and two limitededition ones, and we expect more to drop. If you like what you see though, you should grab it ASAP — it's already selling out!

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The brand's second countertop appliance, the Dream Cooker takes the usual multicooker to another level. It combines everything you love about a pressure cooker, slow cooker, and traditional cookware into one compact, yet powerful appliance with a touchscreen interface. The 6-quart capacity is great for solo diners as well as couples and small families. Plus, it can stay out on the counter long after dinner is done because it's just that pretty.

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Think grilling is only for the warm weather months? Nope! The Cast Iron Hot Grill gives the perfect sear to your veggies, kebabs, or steak. The enamel coated cast iron can take some serious heat, up to 500°F, and is easy to clean. Also, the versatile powerhouse goes from the broiler to the stovetop to the oven (those side handles really come in handy).

We reviewed Our Place's grill pan and think it's great for grilling pros, but also those who just love a perfectly grilled steak or vegetables without having to fire up an actual grill or wait until the warmer summer months. Also, the Cast Iron Hot Grill is a nice addition for those who already have, or plan on purchasing, the Perfect Pot. The grill pan and pot are a bread baking duo.

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was $120.00

The bestselling Always Pan was made mini, and we’re seeing heart-eyes over its cuteness. There’s something about mini cookware that makes using it all the more fun. It’s not just cute — it’s convenient, too!

If you're low on space or are cooking for one, the more compact size of this pan makes things so much easier. Steaming, frying, sautéeing – anything you can do in the Always Pan, you can do in the Mini Always Pan. The difference? Because the pan is this small, it heats up faster and cleans up quicker than its full-sized counterpart.

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Our Place
was $165.00

If you’re going to have one pot in your kitchen, the Perfect Pot is a great contender. We use it to steam dumplings, simmer tomato sauce, make rice, and roast a whole chicken, but it can really do so much more. It’s the pot version of the Always Pan and is designed to be the only pot your kitchen needs. Like the Always Pan, it's compatible with all cooktops, and can even go into ovens up to 425°F.

It boasts the nonstick, nontoxic coated interior and colorful, homey exterior Our Place has become famous for. It’s also loaded with useful features that make whipping up your favorite recipes a breeze. The self-basting lid design is perfect for roasting, and the built-in strainer makes it easy to drain water and excess oil from your veggies and meats. The notched wooden spoon is designed to rest on top of the pan, so you don’t have to worry about making a mess of your countertop in between stirring sauces and stews. There’s also a pour spout and a roasting rack that also functions as a steaming rack.

From freshly folded dumplings to a simple marinara sauce, the Perfect Pot just might be the vessel to make all of your cooking dreams come true.

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Our Place
was $125.00

Versatility is the name of the game at Our Place and the Oven Pan, which we reviewed here, delivers on that front. The nonstick, ceramic-coated pan replaces your sheet pan, cookie sheet, griddle, roasting pan, and single-use parchment paper. You can throw it in the oven to bake cookies, roast a chicken, or crisp up leftover pizza. Put it on top of your stovetop (it works on electric and gas) and use it as a griddle to whip up pancakes, bacon, and crispy eggs.

With a 1.8-inch depth, it’s deep enough to bake cakes and focaccia. It comes with a silicone oven mat that’s dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning. The pan itself should be hand-washed only, as that helps preserve the nonstick. It’s important to note that the pan and oven mat are both safe up to 450°F, so it shouldn’t be used for high-heat recipes. But if you’re looking for a pan that also functions as a gorgeous serving dish, look no further.

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was $55.00

I love a good glass. Whether I’m just using it to drink water or a fancy cocktail, the vessel I use is important to me. And I know I’m not alone. I have the Night + Day Glasses in the striking Azul color and love using them for everything from sipping an iced matcha to a margarita. Not only are they incredibly chic and sturdy, but at 12 ounces, they’re also the right size for just about everything.

They’re made from recycled glass and come in an array of colors, so you can mix and match. My favorite part about these glasses, though, is that they can nestle into each other for easy stacking.